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How to improve the marking depth requirement of fiber laser marking machine?

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-23
If it is conventional to say that the fiber laser marking machine is a processing equipment that uses laser beams to mark different characteristic surfaces, and it makes the surface material of the workpiece material reveal its internal material by gasification, or the surface is caused by chemical and physical changes caused by light energy to show 'cracks', or the materials are burned directly, thus realizing the patterns or words required by users. So how can we quickly improve the depth of the laser marking machine? Below I teach you how to set: 1. Increase the power of the laser, and increase the laser power can directly increase the depth of laser marking, but the premise of increasing the power is to ensure the laser power supply, laser chiller, laser Lenses and so on also need to match them, and the performance of their related accessories should withstand the efficiency after the power is improved, so sometimes the accessories need to be replaced temporarily, but the cost will increase, workload or technical requirements are afraid of increasing. 2. To optimize the quality of laser beam, it is necessary to replace stable laser pump source, laser full mirror and output mirror, especially the laser substance and crystal inside it, this is conducive to improving the laser beam quality and thus improving the intensity and depth of marking. 3, from the laser follow-up spot processing, the use of high-quality laser Group, can achieve twice the result with half the effort. For example, using a high-quality beam expander makes the spot get a perfect spot similar to Gaussian beam after it is expanded. Use high quality F- The ECHO field mirror makes the passing laser have better light focus force and better light spot. The energy of the light spot is more uniform in an effective format. 4. Adjust the laser focal length appropriately. If the above method is not enough to solve the problem, you can try a field mirror with a better and shorter focal length to improve the energy of its beam. When we raise the focal length, it is subject to hearing that the laser beam hits the surface of the workpiece material to make the most sound. At this time, the energy in the focus is the highest, and the effect on the depth is also the most obvious. Through the above analysis, we can see that when we buy a laser marking machine, we must first understand what kind of marking requirements are required for our products, and we must have a better long-term plan. For example, the depth of the workpiece is relatively shallow, however, we will mark it deeply in the future, so we should purchase it with the deepest configuration.
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