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How to solve the phenomenon of fouling in pure water production equipment

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-13
Speaking of pure water production equipment, you might have guessed, it is a kind of assembly line production of bottled, bottled purified water. In recent years, due to the increasingly serious water pollution phenomenon, make pure water increased sales. But manufacturer finds scaling phenomenon in the use process, this is why, let's take a look at the ways to solve pure water production equipment fouling phenomenon. Avoided pure water production equipment fouling tips, do a good job in the pretreatment of the raw water sterilization should also, prevent microbes breeding in the device. In the pure water production equipment operation, to maintain the appropriate operating pressure, in general, increased pressure will make water rate increases, but too much will make the membrane compaction. When pure water production equipment stoppage, short-term should undertake dosing wash, should add formaldehyde protection for a long time. Found that pure water production equipment water rate decreased significantly, the membrane fouling or pollution, should carry on the chemical cleaning. Purified water system is abnormal, stop immediately, to avoid the expanding of the accident. Beware of dosing equipment run, run, drip, leak, the solution to the pure water into the water, real aim was to prevent fouling.
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