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In 2019 the third national water treatment and reuse of academic meeting success

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-07
On March 29, 2019 31 the third national academic meeting held successfully, water treatment and reuse of water treatment and reuse of Chinese environmental sciences association professional committee and environment simulation and pollution control of national key laboratory, sun yat-sen university, graduate school of tsinghua university in shenzhen, tsinghua suzhou environmental innovation research institute and other seven units to undertake the third session of the national water treatment and reuse of academic conferences held in guangzhou city, guangdong province. Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering qian yi, QuJiu fai member and member of li-an hou from global institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes, such as environmental protection and management experts and scholars nearly 800 people attended the meeting. Our country faced a serious shortage of water resources, water environmental pollution, ecological destruction and water water security problem such as space is shrinking. Wastewater recycling is an important approach to solve the above problem, represents the new development direction in the field of environment, is the inevitable choice of high quality development in our country, has become a 'water pollution prevention plan of action', & other Clear water battle & throughout; Countries such as the important content of major action plan, demand and development potential is huge. The meeting with & other; Water reuse and water environment long-term governance & throughout; As the theme, set up 12 at the venue, a technical writing workshops and three academic salons, around the cutting-edge scientific issues in the field of water treatment and reuse, the core technology, water circulation system theory, the management standards and in-depth communication scholars personal career development. Qian yi academician ( C) Participate in academic salon activity meeting also issued & other; Water treatment and reuse of the annual national award for the best Chinese paper & throughout; And & other The third meeting water treatment and reuse of award for the best conference papers & throughout; To encourage the latest scientific research achievements to better serve our country environmental protection work. The annual national excellent paper award ceremony in Chinese secretary general of the China environmental science society Wang Zhihua said in his speech, clear water battle is the culmination of a pollution control in 2019. In clear water battle, how to do water treatment and water reuse is the focus of the water pollution prevention and control work, need from macroscopic to microcosmic, from technology to policy considering water ecology, water environment and water resources problems, needs the national experts, scholars in the field of water treatment and reuse projects, common progress. Water treatment and reuse of Chinese environmental sciences association professional committee of hong-ying hu, director of the introduction, the domestic water treatment and reuse in the period of its development, but also confusion and challenges at the same time, should make full use of the platform of the academic conference, and unite all the experts and scholars in the field of water treatment and recycle actively carry out academic exchanges, for technology research and development, the standard system construction and the development of engineering practice. QuJiu fai member present the topic & other; Micro field coupling of new principle and method of water treatment & throughout; Special report, in view of our country is facing the heavy metal wastewater, organic wastewater is difficult to deal with important practical problems, such as, from the micro scale fine design has been proposed and the Angle of the micro reaction space strengthening electron transport in the electrochemical reaction process and the method of using efficiency, and create the compared with the traditional method is more efficient and more controllable, cleaner, greener enrichment type new technology of micro field coupling and reactor, to share the technical details and application results of the research. Li-an hou academician made entitled & other; Emerging science and technology leading the development of membrane water treatment industry & throughout; Special report, based on the current situation of the development of science and technology in our country, this paper introduces the development of film industry in China, this paper expounds the scale of the film industry and the present condition of the industrial chain. He pointed out that the new membrane technology conforms to our country & other; Clean production, energy conservation and emissions reduction & throughout; Should be policy requirements, regulations, standards, the scientific research investment, material development, technology innovation, technology research and development and other aspects to obtain, give full play to the new type of membrane technology in the quality improvement of urban water environment function, promote the further development of the film industry in China. In the salon activity link, the academician qian yi such as experts and scholars around & other; SiWu and development & ndash; Water treatment and reuse of comprehension and development & throughout; “ Hot spot and future & ndash; Wastewater characteristics, Water sign) Identify new method and technology research & throughout; “ Academic and practice & ndash; Under the background of green water battle throughout new thinking & wastewater discharge standard; Such as topic, carried on the thorough discussion and interaction. It is understood that the fourth national conference on water treatment and reuse will be held in xi 'an next year.
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