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In front of the rainwater sewerage discharge also has 'special channel'

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-05
Sewage treatment equipment information: & other; Appeared in the 20 years we live in the streets, scene photo above balcony wastewater not only have special pipe collection, even before the old pipe is all in the new PVC pipes, exterior wall also restored! ” This morning, water treatment equipment on-site construction personnel to street community, the family of Mr. Chen, pointing to their new rain sewage treatment facilities outside the balcony pipe said proudly. These days are residents & other; Thumb up & throughout; Implementation, it is the street district wastewater with balcony roof rainwater set up project. According to the water treatment field, according to the 60 old village in the streets, most of that old house in more than 25 years. The balcony sewage treatment is the most easily neglected corner. We heard on the streets of staff, and other Old district in the original design was built, installed the storm sewer on the balcony, only wastewater effluent is discharged into rivers directly by storm sewer, and disrepair, rain sewage pipe network damaged, jams, aggravate the water pollution situation. ” And then on the outlet of the large sewage removal and pipe small sewage source to stem? Never in order to thoroughly implement the rain sewage diversion, since 2016, street three years presentation, amplification combined with integration of city and old village renovation project implemented a comprehensive unified rain sewage wastewater renovation work. Another community, water treatment equipment researchers see rain sewage diversion elevation tube has been laid for the most part, rain sewage pipe network laying in the construction of tension is also. Street related tell water treatment equipment, head of the personnel, the project additional metope pollution wastewater, rain water, air-conditioning condensation water riser, and set up a tube after unified balcony washing wastewater collection, into the new municipal sewage pipe network. At the same time, the implementation of the underground water, waste water, sewage treatment equipment, pipeline and septic tanks, CMC, etc. Return to bridge, bridge, road, water recycling system, emissions have & other sewage treatment equipment; Specialized channels & throughout; 。 With a total investment of 2 that street. 3. 5 billion yuan first phase and the second phase of the rain water treatment equipment renovation project has been fully completed, involving 28 old district 266 homes. In 2018, the streets will complete the remaining 25 communities 211 houses construction, investment is expected to 3. 100 million yuan, is now 70% complete.
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