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Increasingly mature laser marking machine equipment laser engraving pattern display

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-19
The laser marking machine has been controversial since its appearance, and some players have pointed their criticism at the machine, of which what people have criticized is: the objects marked by laser are generally rigid and stiff, and the facial expressions of the characters are very stiff. Compared with manual carving, cold machine works have no soul. In the early stage of laser marking machine, the technology did not meet the standard. Works carved according to the established procedures may indeed be rough and rigid, but at the same time we should also see that with the development of technology, the fineness of some laser engraving works is no less than that of hand-carved works, and even some laser engraving products can make us feel more amazing. Next, let's take a look at the application of laser engraving on small objects: laser marking portrait: laser marking furniture: laser marking simple policy: So people often say that 'society is progressing and technology is developing '! The technical development of laser marking machine will become more and more mature. The machine we said before will be stiff and rigid. Perhaps this shortcoming will be continuously improved soon.
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