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injection molding machine.

by:J&D WATER     2019-08-15
LSR 2010 vertical liquid silicone injection molding machine is said to meet the unique requirements of micro plastic
LSR molding applications with reliable lens size repeatability and accuracy, as well as flash limited molding when using precision molds.
It is said that the streamlined, small footprint LSR 2010 takes into account efficiency, stable production process and space considerations in its design, and focuses on rapid conversion and injection of small components, with the option of larger lenses
It is said that LSR 2010 is particularly good --
Suitable for implants, inserts and overdies, as well as other medical applications.
The patented micro-injection technology was originally aimed at artificial crystals (
Eye lens)manufacturing.
It is said that the injection design greatly reduces the waste of materials because barrel screws are not used.
No machine.
According to the manufacturer, hydraulic and most unlikely to cause pollution in clean rooms or products.
The main enhancements included in the LSR 2010 design include vertical injection instead of horizontal injection, as well as standard molds adapted to up to 8 \"x 8. (Kuntz Mfg. )
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