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Ink wheel sealing machine maintenance precautions

by:J&D WATER     2019-12-22
1. This machine uses 220V single-phase three-wire power supply, and the grounding must be reliable, otherwise it will affect personal safety. 2, metal parts should not be near the sensor head. 3. Check the cooling water level frequently. In general, check it once a week and replenish the cooling water. Zui makes good use of non-conductive cooling water. 4. Check the pipes frequently, and the joints must not leak or leak. To prevent the pipeline from freezing due to low temperature, the water tank should be filled with antifreeze. 5. Maintenance should follow the operation sequence. 6. Professionals should be fixed for maintenance. 7. It is not allowed to open the case after turning on the machine. The main power must be cut off during inspection and maintenance. 8. The machine is designed with overload and overheat protection systems. When the temperature of the heat sink exceeds 70 degrees, the high voltage will be cut off, and the warning light will flash: the load is too large (that is, the diameter of the heated bottle cap is too large or arranged tightly or too close to the sensor head), causing the machine's high voltage current to be overloaded instantaneously Instantaneous exceeding '100') can also be protected. This is normal and can be started by pressing the 'START' key again. Cleaning and maintenance Regularly clean the surface of the machine, the bottom plate and the lower mold slide, the groove, the upper platen pressure plate and the positioning rod (Note: the power must be turned off and the room temperature must be restored). The lower mold slide, pressure rod bearing, eccentric wheel, guide post, guide rail and other transmission parts are regularly filled with butter to ensure the performance of the machine. How to clean the tooth knife: First plug the two drain holes of the lower mold with a cotton ball, pour boiling water into the groove of the lower mold until it is full, and then push the lower mold slide into place, press the upper mold down, press Go to the low point of zui, let the knife soak for several minutes until cleaning, and repeat several times.
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