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Innovation of marking technology of new fiber laser marking machine in 2018

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-24
As everyone attaches great importance to product quality, the conventional laser marking method has gradually failed to meet the needs of the vast number of groups. As the most common laser marking equipment, fiber laser marking machine has to face severe tests. Only by repeatedly improving the marking technology of its fiber laser marking machine can it be further expanded. With the sophisticated and development of laser marking skills, many new methods and new uses have been developed in laser marking technology in recent years. Let's explore it step by step :(I)Shallow ditch marking. Shallow ditch marking is to form shallow ditch marks on the surface of data. If the marking is too deep, the appearance of the data will be damaged. For example, it is necessary to control the marking depth of the IC package shell in a few microns. Generally, laser marking is used to replace engraving machine and stamp machine. (II)Deep ditch marking. Deep groove marking refers to the formation of deep marks on the surface of data, which is mainly used for the processing of metal data. Generally, laser is used to melt, transpiration or repeatedly scan the same part of the data to form a deep ditch. This method of laser today can replace the conventional etching processing. (III)Black (Oxidation)Marking. Black marking is a symbol that oxidizes the appearance of data into black. It is generally used for marking metal things and mechanical parts made of steel. Black marking is also suitable for marking materials such as iron, stainless steel and silicon wafers that pay attention to visual recognition. (Four)Melt marking. Melting marking is marking on the surface of the molten data. For example, in the dust-free silicon wafer manufacturing process, only the surface of the molten data is melted without damaging the interior, therefore, it is necessary to control the dust generated by the laser when marking. Frequency doubling Nd: YAG laser is generally selected (532nm)Laser Marking of silicon wafers.
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