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Instructions for safe use of laser cutting machine _ laser pipe cutting machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-21
No matter what machine we use, safety is the first, so today want to write something about the use of laser cutting machine safety. The reason why the laser cutting machine is the main body is because I am engaged in this industry, but I think these safety precautions are suitable for all laser machines, so everyone can also use it as a laser machine. 1, without training, prohibit the use of laser cutting machine. 2, the machine environment without strong electromagnetic interference, strong electricity. 3. It is forbidden to push or pull the laser head and its gantry during the period when the machine is powered on. 4, if the machine function is abnormal or fire, please cut off the power immediately. 5, all parts of the machine must be completely reliable grounding, to anti-static is cut off. 6. Basic limit of laser power used (That is, the maximum ammeter does not exceed 20mA). 7. When the voltage is unstable, it is forbidden to open the laser cutting machine, or a voltage regulator must be used. 8, the water cycle must be kept clean, the water temperature can not exceed 20 degrees-30 degrees (Pure water is recommended). 9. The continuous working time of laser cutting machine cannot exceed 5 hours (Need to rest for more than half an hour in the middle). 10. It is strictly forbidden to have irrelevant total reflection or scattered laser beam reflected inside the laser cutting machine to hurt people. 11. Since this kind of laser is not visible light, it is strictly prohibited to place the equipment near flammable and explosive substances to prevent the laser from being inclined to the fire source. 12. As there are laser parts and high-pressure parts inside the laser cutting machine, it is forbidden to dismantle non-professional laser machines. 13, when the maximum data appears in the ammeter, it is strictly prohibited to turn on the laser machine. Otherwise, the laser power will be damaged and the life of the laser tube will be shortened. 14, laser cutting machine work, the operator must stay with the laser cutting machine to avoid unnecessary losses. This is a very basic principle. 15, the operator must observe the laser machine at any time in the work ( For example, irregular processing, abnormal sound of machines, temperature of circulating cooling water, etc). 16. During the operation of the laser cutting machine, the protective cover above the laser machine must be placed to prevent the laser beam from deflecting and hurting people. For this problem, some enterprises now have good solutions, such as open cover protection.
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