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Introduction and types of aseptic filling machines

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-04
Aseptic filling machines are widely used in aseptic packaging of fluid foods such as fruit juice, fruit pulp and jam. At room temperature, the product can be stored for more than one year, which can save the cost and risk of low-temperature refrigerated transportation. Product Introduction aseptic filling machine is directly connected with sterilization machine, which can directly fill UHT sterilized products in sterile bags. Aseptic bags are aluminum-plastic composite multi-layer bags, which can effectively isolate sunlight and oxygen; Ensure product quality. The temperature adjustment system automatically adjusts the temperature of the filling room, and uses the steam injection method to sterilize the bag mouth and the filling room. Aseptic filling machine can fill various kinds of sterile bags or aseptic packing boxes from 1L to 1300L. Equipment performance and technical indicators 1. Provide a variety of security measures (Position Control, metering control, temperature control) To prevent mechanical damage and ensure product quality; 2. Adopt quality weighing system control, realize quantitative filling, filling more accurate; 3. Mirror welding technology is adopted to ensure smooth and smooth welding seam, leaving no sanitary dead angle; 4. The product valve and the moving parts of the filling head are protected by steam barrier, and the filling room is sterilized by steam; 5. Programmable Controller is adopted to realize automatic operation of equipment. Types of aseptic filling machine at present, the main types of sterilization filling machines in the market include: sleeve-type aseptic filling machines and plate-changing aseptic filling machines used in food industries such as fruit juice, jam, fruit pulp, milk, etc; There is also a larger one, and the Flash aseptic filling machine (Flash Cooler) , Which adopts steam directly injected into the product type aseptic filling machine, instantaneous sterilization can more fully ensure the color and taste of the product, at present, it is mainly used in milk and orange juice industries with relatively large production and tomato sauce industries with particularly large processing capacity; In the production of small can packaging industry, there is also a reactor type aseptic filling machine.
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