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Introduction of excellent principle of stainless steel fiber laser welding machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-22
Stainless steel laser welding machine optical fiber laser is transmitted by optical fiber after aligning the lens and then focusing on the workpiece. The optical fiber laser welding machine adopts advanced welding technology of German molds and mechanical parts of various sizes (Large, Medium, Small). The fiber laser welding machine adopts a closed-loop energy feedback system. The laser energy of its CPU board is dynamically adjusted in real time and has the same laser power and energy to maintain all lenses, make the weld uniform, reliable, low stress and no crack influence. Features of optical fiber stainless steel laser welding machine: 1. Install LCD and CCD monitor. 2, suitable for large, medium and small mold modification. 3, custom automatic tooling fixture to achieve mass production. 4. Able to work in hard working environment, such as vibration, high temperature and dust. 5. Fiber laser transition, excellent laser beam, slender laser spot, flexible installation. 6. The pocket laser head can move in the X direction, the Y and Z axes and the positioning pieces rotating in different angles and directions. Application of stainless steel laser welding machine: widely used in aviation, machinery, electronics, communications, energy, chemical industry, automobile manufacturing, auto parts, lighters, hydraulic rods, gasoline filters, automobile exhaust sensors, solenoid valves, starting motor stators, mobile phone battery, solar cell, military industrial sensor, motor blade welding electronic components, welding electrical industry, silicon steel plate, air conditioning motor rotor, leakage protector. Welding materials include various alloy steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, nickel alloy tool steel, high steel grade, steel alloy, high strength aluminum alloy, etc.
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