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Introduction of hand-held laser welding machine and argon arc welding process index

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-26
For the welding process of heterogeneous parts: argon arc welding is in the form of puncturing, also called spot welding. The workpiece is a welding scar and a weld bead. The heat effect is very large. The post-processing absolutely needs to be polished, otherwise there is a scar. Auxiliary welding wire is required. Hand-held laser welding machine continuously emits light, because the laser does not touch the workpiece itself, using high temperature to emit light, instantly melting metal, generating molten pool, matching gas to evenly fill the weld and cooling. It is hot or cold, the thermal effect is very small, there is almost no thermal effect, the weld is beautiful, there is no welding scar, and it can be used directly without polishing according to the customer's needs in the later period. Thickness requirement: argon arc welding cannot weld thin plates. The heat effect is large, less than 1mm, and it is directly discarded. Hand-held laser welding machine is suitable for welding thin plates within 3mm and over 4mm, which is basically the specialty of argon arc welding. Suitable process and function: argon arc welding: suitable for reinforcing ribs or fasteners, such as plates or pipes over 4mm, bed welding, not requiring precision and beauty, but only for reinforcement and bearing, then it has enough advantages. You can always point, accumulate thickness, and reinforce the workpiece itself, without paying attention to beauty, and the added value of the product is also different from this. In this case, there is no need for laser welding. Hand-held laser welding machine: suitable for appearance, support and structural parts. In case of missing welding or virtual welding: argon arc welding: if you repeat the spot welding on the original welded workpiece, a pit will appear, and one point is a pit. If the welding is not good in the later period, it cannot be replenished, and the more replenished, the easier it is to collapse. The cost of large parts is very high. If it is invalidated, the cost is very high. Hand-held laser welding machine: can repair welding, people can be flexible welding, can also according to the actual needs, fill the welding wire, the later slightly polished. Heat effect: argon arc welding: The heat effect is large, the heat dissipation is slow, and the parts of the solder joint to the metal are all red, very hot. Hand-held laser welding machine: basically no heat effect, fast heat dissipation. Mobility flexibility: argon arc welding: 3 m long, with an electric chassis dragged behind (Gun body)Inconvenient to move. Hand-held laser welding machine: 5-20 meters long, easy to move. Danger factor: argon arc welding: large spark, easy to splash on the body and face hand-held laser welding machine: no spark, laser protective glasses. Worker requirements: hand-held laser welding machine: simple operation, training 3 hours to get started with welding products. Ordinary workers are easy to get started. Efficiency Comparison: hand-held laser welding machine is 10 times the speed of argon arc welding. Welding bearing capacity, or tension: combined with welding thickness and power, different power corresponding thickness can reach full welding, complete penetration of the workpiece. The place of penetration welding will be stronger than the material itself, because after heating and fire-breaking treatment, it will be firmer and more wear-resistant after secondary heating and forging. Customers can make samples, send samples, go back to do their own tensile test, and the welding place may not be broken. The place where there is no welding is broken first. Welding temperature: The highest welding temperature can reach 4000 degrees, that is, the heat is extremely cold, can be controlled, and the heat effect is small. Single-sided welding and double-sided welding: Generally, the firmness of single-sided welding will not be as good as that of double-sided welding. The surface of double-sided welding is heated more evenly and more beautiful, with less thermal influence and minimal deformation. Single-sided welding, either the pursuit of beauty, or the pursuit of firmness, if you want to be firm, you need to weld slowly, then the heat will be a little more, the heat will be a little bigger.
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