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Introduction of jewelry laser spot welder

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-27
The jewelry laser spot welding machine is specially designed for high reverse materials such as gold and silver. It has strong single point energy and can also realize continuous pulse welding. It has small volume and built-in water cooling cycle, the voltage-regulating pulse power supply automatically developed by Shenzhen laser welding machine manufacturer is small in size and has a single pulse energy 15% higher than that of ordinary power supply. It is more suitable for welding requirements of high anti-materials such as gold and silver. Application Scope of jewelry laser spot welder: the size of welding spot can be adjusted at will during the welding process; Heat affected zone is small; The solder joint is fine and beautiful, without too much post-welding treatment; Accurate positioning, no damage to jewelry inlaid around during welding. Performance advantages of jewelry laser spot welding machine: according to the high demand of gold and silver jewelry industry, a water-cooled integrated spot welding machine with high cost performance has been developed. It is mainly composed of laser, power supply and control, cold water machine, light guide and focusing, binocular stereo microscopic observation, with compact structure and small volume. The microscopic coordinates coaxial with the laser beam indicate that the workpiece is easy to locate and no special fixture is required. Laser power, pulse frequency and pulse width can be preset and changed through the control panel. Using high-energy gold-plated cavity, high energy, high temperature resistance, high photoelectric conversion efficiency, focusing cavity life (8-10 years), Xenon lamp life more than 800 times. The world's advanced automatic shading system is adopted to eliminate eye irritation during working hours. With 24-hour continuous working ability, the whole machine has stable working performance and is free of maintenance within 10000 hours. Humanized design, ergonomic, long-term work without fatigue. Jewelry laser spot welding machine is specially customized for its setting in the laser industry. There are two kinds of jewelry, whether from appearance or built-in power supply. If it is gold and silver, choose closed type, if it is stainless steel, choose open type. The price of jewelry laser spot welding machine is mainly determined according to the configuration selected by the customer.
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