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Introduction of principle and technical characteristics of aseptic filling machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-04
Aseptic filling machine is applied to aseptic packaging of fluid foods such as fruit juice, fruit pulp and jam. Some manufacturers of fruit juice and jam are essential equipment, https://www . jndwater. Com mechanical Xiaobian thinks that understanding its principle and characteristics will better apply aseptic filling machine. Let's learn it with Xiaobian! I. Working principle of aseptic filling machine: aseptic filling machine is directly connected to aseptic processing line and can fill products into aseptic bags. Aseptic bags are aluminum-plastic multi-layer composite bags, which can effectively isolate sunlight and oxygen. Aseptic bags must be placed in protective boxes or buckets to adapt to long-distance transportation. The filling room of the aseptic filling machine is sterile, and the sterilization, opening, quantitative filling and sealing of the sterile bag mouth are automatically completed by computer control. The temperature adjustment system automatically adjusts the temperature of the filling room, and uses the steam injection method to sterilize the bag mouth and the filling room. Second, the technical characteristics of aseptic filling machine: 1, to provide a variety of security measures (Position Control, metering control, temperature control)To prevent mechanical damage and ensure product quality; 2. Electromagnetic flowmeter is used to control the filling quantity. Mass flowmeter can be used if more accurate filling is expected; 3. Mirror welding technology is adopted to ensure smooth and smooth welding seam and reduce product residue; 4. Equipped with large and small worktables, suitable for packaging products with different packaging volumes; 5. The product valve and the moving parts of the filling head are protected by steam barrier, and the filling room is sterilized by steam; 6. Adopt programmable controller to realize automatic operation of equipment; 7. This series has single-head, double-head, ton box, and four-station and other large bag aseptic filling machines.
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