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Introduction to basic knowledge of conventional laser marking machines on the market

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-27
At present, there are three types of marking machines: laser marking machine, pneumatic marking machine and electric corrosion marking machine. Laser marking machine is also called laser engraving machine, laser coding machine, laser coding machine, etc. Different regions and different industries have different names, its marking principle is to use high-density laser beam to irradiate on the workpiece, and the surface absorbs laser energy, thus causing phenomena such as metamorphosis, melting, ablation and evaporation on the material surface, thus forming a permanent mark, some materials, such as special plastic, the heat absorption and expansion of the surface of the workpiece will also form a permanent bulge mark, but it is only a very few materials. According to the laser power, printing speed, marking frequency and different processing materials, concave marks with different depths can be printed. According to different lasers, laser marking machines can be divided into semiconductor laser marking machines, CO2 laser marking machines, fiber laser marking machines, etc. They have different marking effects for different marking materials. Generally speaking, semiconductor and fiber laser marking machines are suitable for marking metal, plastic and other materials. CO2 laser is mainly for non-metallic materials, and typical applications such as acrylic, transparent plastic, ceramics, glass and other laser marking. In food, medicine and other industries, CO2 laser marking machine is widely used in the industry to replace the traditional ink printer. The main advantages of laser marking technology are: no consumables (Such as ink, solvent, nozzle, etc) , Energy saving and environmental protection, simple maintenance, small volume, easy to integrate assembly line Flight marking, stable performance, long-term continuous marking, wide range of materials that can be marked, and convenient system integration. Pneumatic marking machine is also called industrial pneumatic engraving, pneumatic coding machine, metal engraving machine, etc. Its marking principle is that the computer controls the marking needle to move according to the specified trajectory in the two-dimensional plane of X and y axes, at the same time, the marking needle performs high-frequency impact motion under the action of compressed air, thus printing a permanent concave mark with a certain depth on the workpiece. Portable marking machine, compared with the desktop, the portable marking machine is to put the printing machine head on the workpiece to work, the head design is light, easy to carry, easy to achieve marking for large workpieces that are not easy to move. Typical applications of pneumatic marking machine include gear marking, Machine box marking, motorcycle frame number marking, automobile girder marking, engine marking, metal sign nameplate marking, etc. The electric corrosion marking machine is the electrochemical marking machine. Its working principle is that the low voltage can partially ionize the metal surface with the help of the marking liquid, leaving a permanent mark of blackening or whitening on its surface. Scope of Application: The surface of the marking workpiece is smooth and conductive, and the printed content does not change much. Typical applications such as knives, kitchen utensils, hardware tools, medical equipment, gear bearings, plumbing equipment, etc. . Each marking machine has its own characteristics. The following laser makes a simple comparison of these three categories of marking machines and talks about their respective advantages. Marking machine price (Basically from high to the end): Laser marking machine>Pneumatic marking machine> Electric corrosion marking machine from the above we can see that the electric corrosion marking machine is the cheapest, the general price is more than one thousand, the printed effect is beautiful, the operation is simple, the print depth is 5um- Between 100um, but limited by the marking material, the surface needs to be smooth and conductive, which is suitable for marking workpieces with little change in printing content. Compared with electric corrosion, pneumatic and laser marking machines are not limited by the printed content, they can play whatever they want, and they can also realize automatic jump number, etc. The printing depth of the pneumatic marking machine can reach 2 MM, and the workpiece with deep marking depth is dominant, such as the car girder, frame number, engine number, Machine box, etc. , the price ranges from thousands to 10 thousand, however, there are burrs on the printing surface, and laser marking machines can be used for workpieces with high-speed marking requirements. It has fast speed and high precision, and can be used with the assembly line to carry out online flight marking.
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