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Introduction to product structure and characteristics of tubular sterilizer?

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-01
Tubular sterilizer is a tunnel spray sterilizer composed of several boxes. In the sterilization machine tunnel, there are several spray water areas with different temperatures, and the bottle of wine enters the machine continuously, after preheating and heat preservation (Sterilization) After the cooling stage reaches the predetermined sterilization effect, it is sent out continuously. Due to the sterilization time guarantee, the temperature control device accurately controls the spray water temperature in each temperature zone, thus ensuring the sterilization effect. The sterile tube sterilization machine is specially designed for the aseptic packaging equipment of various liquid beverages such as milk, soybean milk, peanut milk, fruit juice and other beverages. It is suitable for various types of aseptic packaging, especially for the production of neutral beverages such as dairy products, it can be kept at normal temperature for several months. Aseptic tube sterilization machine product features: 1. The materials and heating medium are heated in their respective sealing systems through non-contact heat exchange to ensure the hygiene and safety of the materials. 2. The sterilization time is short, which can ensure that the nutritional components of the materials are not destroyed. 3. The whole machine of the bottle-pouring sterilization machine is made of food-grade stainless steel to ensure that it meets the national safety and hygiene requirements for beverage and food equipment. 4. The sterilizer has good heat transfer effect, high heat recovery rate and low energy consumption. 5. The main control components, valves and accessories are all imported parts with long service life. 6. Tubular UHT adopts PLC control, which can automatically control the heating temperature, hot water temperature and steam flow regulation of each section of the material, and is equipped with an automatic material return system to ensure that 100% of the material reaches the sterilization effect. 7. The structure is simple, easy to clean, easy to operate, and the maintenance cost is low. https://www . jndwater. Com machinery is a high-tech enterprise focusing on quantitative canning technology and dedicated to digital intelligent manufacturing of filling equipment. It is one of the manufacturers with the most complete product line of food canning equipment in the country. https://www . jndwater. Com has always been committed to the research and development of high and new technologies with advanced technology and unique comprehensive strength of software and hardware. The leading business covers box bag filling machine, aseptic filling machine, tube sterilization machine, automatic box bag filling machine, automatic filling machine production line, pasteurization machine, etc. , suitable for filling various types of BIB bags, various specifications of sterile bags, large liquid bags and box bags of various specifications. https://www . jndwater. Com machinery supplies high-quality products with major juice factories, wineries, Milk egg factories and related enterprises, and has reached cooperation with many famous juice, dairy and wine enterprises at home and abroad, and has won high praise from the industry. The company's products have been successfully exported to more than ten developed countries and regions, creating a new era for the application of food canning machines in China. The company has an innovative team with doctors, Masters and senior professionals as the core, applying for 10 patents every year, surpassing many national and industry standards.
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