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Is the situation of cabbage price in fiber laser marking machine good or bad?

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-23
The stability of fiber laser marking machine is high, the market is widely used, and most production enterprises show the price of fiber laser marking machine. So is the price of fiber laser marking machine really the price of cabbage? The price of 20W fiber laser marking machine from some manufacturers on Taobao is 10000- About 20000, while excellent fiber laser marking machines on the market can buy 200 thousand RMB? Apart from non-standard automation equipment, why is this happening? This kind of situation is relative. Those manufacturers who sell 10 thousand yuan are small profits but quick turnover, and use the products to resist and sell them to customers who pursue price and short-term profits. Those manufacturers selling 200 thousand RMB are not delivered with factory modules selling 10 thousand RMB, but delivered with higher quality and more stable products, it is not through the customer does not understand the market and deliberately deceive, fool customers. So why is this relative situation? For example, domestic fiber lasers are from 5000- 12000, even some refurbished lasers are available within 2000, imported IPG ordinary fiber lasers are also around 20 thousand, and the price of some specially customized lasers is 50 thousand RMB. Other module field mirrors, vibrating mirrors, and boards have multiple grades. Even the case and power cord will have large price differences according to the thickness of the sheet metal, engineering design, etc, such as the difference between baking varnish and painting. So is an expensive fiber laser marking machine better than a fiber laser marking machine that can resist about 10 thousand? The answer is No. The choice of fiber laser marking machine is not necessarily from the price, quality, after-sales and other aspects to start, but whether it can meet the demand, whether it can bring profits to customers. Some materials of large enterprises need to customize the core device processing of fiber laser marking machine to meet the processing requirements. However, in order to meet the short-term processing demand, some small customers cannot choose to process externally. Even if they purchase second-hand equipment that has been used for many years, they can complete the product transformation and meet the demand, big value transformation is also a good equipment. Therefore, the purchase of fiber laser marking machine is not necessarily the pursuit of the reserve price, nor is it necessarily the pursuit of high prices, high prices are good products, but to pursue products that meet their own needs. Therefore, in the fiber laser marking machine market 1 -? 200 thousand of the equipment is normal and has its own market positioning. The difference is to do it according to different materials and industry needs. As a fiber laser marking machine manufacturer, what we have to do is not to complain about the low price of our peers, resulting in no profit and no high price. What is important is that we should find out the position of our own company's products and develop the market in a targeted way, depending on whether the enterprise chooses a market of 10 thousand yuan or a market of yuan. Laser is committed to the field of micro-precision laser processing, committed to the middle and high-end fiber laser marking market, serving the market and accumulating rich experience. Customers are welcome to visit and negotiate.
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