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Is the tubular sterilizer automatically controlled by the system?

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-27
Tubular sterilizer is an electric mixed temperature automatic control system. Tubular sterilizer is one of the key hosts in beer packaging production line. Its main task is to kill yeast and other miscellaneous bacteria remaining in the liquor to ensure the biological stability of beer and to facilitate long-term preservation. Sterilization depth is usually indicated by PU value ( That is, the pasteurization unit, during which the sterilization effect caused by 1 minute at 60 °C is 1 PU value). The influence on the shelf life and flavor of beer is lacking or too large, so controlling the PU value within a certain range is the main technical index of the sterilizer. The system associates PU value with spray temperature, operation time and other parameters. The operator only needs to enter the required PU value, and the computer will automatically control the spray temperature in each temperature zone and display each temperature in the sterilizer. The PU value reached by a row of beer. In addition, the system also has the function of automatically selecting parameters when stopping. With the extension of the shutdown time, the temperature of each temperature area will be automatically adjusted to ensure that the PU value is controlled within a certain range. Together, the system also has the functions of Operation status supervision, fault diagnosis and handling, and is an intelligent 'fool' control system. System composition the system is electricity-Automatic control system of gas mixing temperature. It consists of a temperature main sensing element (Platinum thermal resistance Pt100) , An integrated temperature transmitter, a lower computer (Programmable logic controller) , An upper computer and a solenoid valve, pneumatic diaphragm valve, printer, compressed air filter regulator, pressure composition. Transmitter, pneumatic circuit, etc. What are the advantages of 1, casing sterilization machine with steam, hot water, cold water as the heat transfer medium, especially suitable for high viscosity materials sterilization. The heater part of the machine adopts a three-layer sleeve structure: the heat exchange medium moves in the 1st th and 3rd th floors, and the material moves in the 2nd th floors in reverse direction. It can be removed for the convenience of maintenance; 2. The sterilization equipment is suitable for heating sterilization and cooling of concentrated tomato sauce, apricot sauce, carrot puree and other products; 3, production, touch screen operation, full automatic control and with self-cleaning and reverse cleaning system; 4, equipment operation noise is low, sterilization temperature can be automatically monitored; 5. Made of high-quality stainless steel, the quality of the whole machine is safe and reliable.
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