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J&D WATER easy operation osmosis water machine jndwater for water treatment

J&D WATER easy operation osmosis water machine jndwater for water treatment

J&D WATER easy operation osmosis water machine jndwater for water treatment

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Well-chosen in material, fine in workmanship, excellent in quality and favorable in price, J&D Drinking Water Equipment's bottle filling machine is highly competitive in the domestic and foreign markets.bottle filling machine's outstanding advantages are as follows.
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Company Advantages
1. Strong designer team: J&D WATER osmosis water machine is designed by our design team who are powerful with professional design knowledge. They are also well-trained to put forward design concept and complete the design in a short time.
2. reverse osmosis machine have strong resistance to osmosis water machine .
3. The product greatly helps improve job security. With its reliability, it reduces the risk that an employee will be injured while on the job.

◇◆ Application

JNDWATER JND-R1000 series  JNDWATER Reverse Osmosis System Water Treatment adopts multi medium beforehand filter, active carbon filter and PP sediment membranes filter as beforehand filter which can remove suspending particles, dust, particles, organic chemicals, unpleasant taste, chlorine of raw water and make sure that the raw water complies with RO inlet requirement. Then RO filter can filter dissoluble substance, bacteria, pesticide, heavy metal particles as well as the carcinogen like chloroform, fluorine and others which cannot be wiped out by normal treatment methods.

Food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical processing industry, chrome plating industry, water and waste water treatment industry etc.

Capacity: 200-80000LPH.


The  JNDWATER Reverse Osmosis System Water Treatment Multi-medium beforehand filter helps to achieve an improved water treatment quality. 

High quality TFC compound RO membrane treatment crafts allow the operation with very low pressure and a desalinization ratio of 98% or more.

Auto-check conductance display enables operators to have a monitoring towards water quality.

RO membrane could be washed automatically or manually, which can protect RO membrane easily.

Safe and reliable electrical system: The water treatment equipment could be automatically stopped when there is an open circuit, short circuit or electric leakage.

◇◆ Details

J&D WATER easy operation osmosis water machine jndwater for water treatment-1               
CIP system(big)
J&D WATER easy operation osmosis water machine jndwater for water treatment-2               
CIP system
J&D WATER easy operation osmosis water machine jndwater for water treatment-3               
PVC PP filter

◇◆ Technical Parameters


JND RO1000

Pure Water Production Capability


Power supply

AC220V/AC380V/415V±5% 50Hz/60Hz

RO stage

One Stage

Desalinization ratio


Rated Operating Pressure


Temperature of Raw Water


PH of Raw Water


Conductivity of Raw Water


◇◆ Product advantages

All the machines’s electronic component which product by ShenZhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co.,Ltd. come from famous manufacturers all over the world ,such as Omron,Siemens and so on.

Product by CE standard.

J&D WATER easy operation osmosis water machine jndwater for water treatment-4

◇◆ Product  certificate

All the machines are produced by CE standard and we also have CE certificate for all the equipment.

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◇◆ Our Service

J&D WATER easy operation osmosis water machine jndwater for water treatment-6

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Quality Assurance

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In-kind shooting

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After the machines arrives at the customer's factory, ShenZhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co.,Ltd. can arrange engineers to customer's factory to install and debug the equipment, make the machines run to the best working condition;the engineers also can train customer's staff about how to operation and maintenance of the equipment, customers also can arrange their engineers to study in our factory for free . During the warranty period,we provide the easy damage parts for free.

Company Features
1. The core competence of Shenzhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd. is developing and manufacturing quality osmosis water machine . We are one of the major suppliers in this industry in China.
2. With a perfect system and varied reverse osmosis machine, J&D WATER covers a wide range of products.
3. We have invested in sustainability throughout the entire business operations. Starting from materials procurement, we only purchase those complying with relevant environmental regulations. We will retain our values of quality, integrity, and respect. All is for producing world-class products aimed at improving the business of our customers. We unswervingly uphold the service concept of 'Customer First'. We will spare no effort to produce products that cater to our customers, and we will work hard to improve customers' satisfaction rate by practicing active listening and following up their orders. We take sustainability practices into our consideration during operation. We work hard to improve our production efficiency while complying with strict environmental and sustainability standards.
Good product. Customers service good/responsive. Shipping was a real problem though
Great product
It fit to specs. of original filter cartridge. I recommend purchasing this product.
I bought this to test the water at my house and all of the different bottled water that I drink. Was happily surprised that my house water was a good ph balance. I also found out that Nestle water was not all that great of ph.
Excellent and very interesting. Really has opened up my eyes to how profit is put before product and human consumption of some beverages....mainly bottled water and other so called "healthy drinks".
It works just the way I want it to
Item as described. Works great!
Works great for my ATV
accurate and rugged. Priced right
Good product, highly recommend
High quality product and company. I was not sure mine was reading right when comparing it to multiple other guages. Their customer service was fantastic help. The gauge was fine but they hung in with me until I was sure. So glad I replaced my Joes gauge that failed after a few years with no warranty with the Jaco that the manufacturer stands behind.
It worked really great the first two times I used it. Then it stopped holding pressure where you can read the gauge after checking your tire. I opened it up cleaned it out there are two little disks a small spring and an O-ring. Be very careful if you take it apart . The spring is almost invisible if you drop it. I cleaned it up put it all back together and made sure the O-ring was seated correctly and it seems to be working now. Works really well for atv(3-5 lbs of pressure) to sxs which is 12.5 - 14. Get your tire pressure exact. It seems really sturdy also
The rubber case is cheap and too big. The gauge sits in it sloppily. My favorite is that the needle glows.... but..... wait for it..... nothing else glows, so good luck using the thing in low light
This is a very nice low pressure gauge , the swivel head is a big plus. I needed some tech help and JACO responded immediately , great to find excellent customer service !
Very well-built. I've had another JACO that has lasted for years and years. From what I can tell, the quality has remained the same.
This thing has been working for over a year. Nice swivel head so you can read it in any position.
Update 6-Aug-2017: I purchased the extra lengths of tubing I required from another vendor, and completed the installation, which was quick, thanks to the very well organized and illustrated instructions. My water is from a well, and the pressure from my original RO system wasn't enough to overcome the valve on my refrigerator's icemaker. The RO-Perm system has solved that, and I'm finally able to make ice! I'm pretty sure a required O-ring was missing from the faucet, as I installed it in the extra hole in my stainless steel sink, and even when fully tightened, there is some wobble. It seems to be designed for installation through a 1/2" or thicker counter, not a 1/16" stainless sink. I'll likely find or make a gasket to resolve that. I would appreciate if APEC would (a) indicate the amount of tubing supplied in the specs, and (b) offer a system specifically for basement installation, with longer tubing. I estimate that an additional dollar or two of tubing would be sufficient. This system seems well built and a good value, HOWEVER, only 4 feet of each color tubing (red feed water, clear output to faucet, yellow tank fill) is supplied. I'm replacing a system installed in the basement under my kitchen, and the tubing is too short to reach the faucet, or to mount the tank in a convenient location. Even 6 feet of each would have been more than sufficient. I now have to order $18 worth of tubing (10- foot lengths) *without Prime shipping* to complete my installation. The amount of tubing supplied isn't listed in either the item description, OR the installation guide. If I had known it would be so short, I would have ordered more along with the system.
Product is definitely working proof is in the ice cubes. Installed it directly below my fridge, used the supply line from the fridge. Anyone moserately handy could install this.
So far so good but it has only been a couple of weeks. The tank fills very quickly and our nasty hard California water tastes great! We upgraded the faucet to another one we found on Amazon as this one was too basic. The install was done by our plumber and there were no problems.
I installed this system and had the water tested. It tests perfect and enabled me to get my VA refinance done.
These filters have been working very well for us and the price is great for three years of filters. Thank you.
Highly recommend it
Items are as described.
Filter works great. Aquatru system is fantastic. Best reverse osmosis table top system available.
Great product from a great seller
Purchased the "Basic" Chrome model and its exactly what I wanted and expected. Quality seems to be good. Flow rate is adjustable via the on/off valve. Long stem to fit thick counter tops. Cant beat the quality at this price. Would buy again if I needed another.
Worked's great to have filtered water and ice from the refrigerator.
Great addition
APEC makes a great consumer-friendly product. I'm handy but not a plumber. This kit was super easy with clear instructions and plenty of tubing to run from under sink, through the cabinets, around the corner, to my water dispenser fridge. I've gotten other plastic tubing before and this was an obvious upgrade in quality. I've got white base-moulding and I was prepared to tuck it underneath (pull off the moulding and place the tube under...) but it just disappeared when I lined it up on top of the moulding. No water pressure problems running the full length from the APEC RO system. BTW, I did this in an Apartment. Easy upgrade that will give you (almost) clear ice!
Easy to install and replaceable if needed. Used this with my APEC water filtration system and to connect another water filration system.
Seems to be of good quality and priced well
I'm glad we invested in this cooler. It was extremely easy to set up (pretty much plug in, turn it on, and you're done). I like the self cleaning feature it has as well as the fact there's a hot and cold water option as well as a room temp water right from the jug. The hot water is great if just 1 person wants to make tea or a bowl or oatmeal. The hot water button has a lock feature (i'm assuming for little kids so they don't get burned) where you have to slide part of the button up before you press it. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a product like this.
Incredibly easy set-up. Quick delivery. Great Quality. Our local water supply is high in Nitrites and is undrinkable for pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding, children who breastfeed or are still of toddler age, elderly, and those on certain meds. The cost for the product was less than what we've spent in the first few month my wife was pregnant on bottled or retail filtered water. Imagine not being able to drink the water in your own home, then think about a product that made it possible again.
Every thing I needed
Great system! We have been using for over a year, not a problem and still great water all day every day!
Installed, working well
Works great
I have it in storage
I read all the reviews, good and bad, and weighed my options. The winning feature that sold me on this machine was that I could fill the water tank to capacity and it would disperse water according to the number of cups/ounces I wanted. Setup was stupid easy. Wash all the parts. Put it back together. Run a couple of tanks of water through it to clean out any nasties that may be lurking and walla! You are ready to go. I did get a little surprise when I plugged it up. The measurements showed up in milliliters. Oh no! You mean I have to convert? Have no fear. Just grab your trusty manual and it will tell you how to toggle to ounces. You do have to customize it to your liking which could take at least a week. For instance, you have to get the grind size right for your beans and tweak the strength according to your taste. Making single adjustments at a time will eventually get you there. I also tossed the included gold toned filter to the side and opted for paper filters. I don't like the muddiness you get from those mesh filter baskets. I have never made a pot of coffee so I've never used the carafe. I only make one cup a day so I only use the single serving mode which is freaking awesome. By the way, a cup of coffee to Breville is a paltry 5 oz. My cup is 12 to 14 oz depending on the vessel I'm using that day. With the single serving mode, the water infuses with the coffee for a period of time depending on your strength before it is released into the cup. This is quite important because when making small amounts of coffee, the water would not be in contact with the coffee long enough to extract its goodness and would produce a weak cup of joe which is the basis of a lot of complaints concerning grind and brew coffee makers. This infusion feature is the cure for that. Now I've seen a few complaints/comments about the daily cleaning routine for this machine. I'm not sure why. Like setup, daily cleanup is a breeze. A few damp coffee grounds are left on the silver plate that opens to let the coffee drop into the basket and a few dry grinds fall into the catch tray underneath. You simply wipe the grounds off the plate, dump the tray and rinse the coffee basket. Takes less than 30 seconds. I've added a few photos that show the machine after a brew cycle, after I've wiped the plate down and even the grinder when dissembled. The grinder is a little fuzzy but there is nothing but dust in there. A couple more things. I don't like the brush that came with the machine. I will be purchasing another small stiff bristled brush to brush away the grounds. And since some people complained of the machine giving up the ghost way to soon, I brought a 4-year warranty from Square Trade for $30 bucks. If it does break I'm covered.
Hesitated to purchase this machine based on the feedback on Amazon; glad we took the risk. Item works as it should. Coffee stays hot in craft as it should, makes great coffee. Craft is not like most other crafts and does have a different feel when using, but it is a non-issue. This item replaced K-cup machine and regular machine. Purchased warranty. 1-6-2018 - update: We've been using this coffee maker for a few weeks now and we are still very pleased with it. The device comes with a gold filter which does not always catch the finer particles which end up in the coffee ( this is true for all gold filters we have used in other coffee makers); we now use paper filters which prevents the finest of particles from ending up in the coffee.
I've only owned this machine for a few days, but have formed the opinion that it's got to be the best coffee maker on the planet. Control of grind, water volume, and strength all combine to make a machine capable of brewing the perfect pot of coffee. Coming from a 1.5 year old Capresso that brewed a pot in 45 minutes (before it died suddenly), this machine is blazing fast at 11 minutes for a full pot. I'm also impressed with the thermal carafe, in that 4 hours later the coffee is still steaming hot. Design and usability is simple and professional. Yes, it's more expensive than most grind and brews, but the technology and build quality shows through. I'm not how this could not be rated 5 stars.... My only thought is that people get grumpy without their coffee, and then head to post a scathing review of the faulty device? There should be more positive reviews that what is shown on Amazon, so here's one. Review update June 4, 2016: I like to come back after a few months after use. Still in love with this thing! Coffee is brewed fast, much faster than my old Capresso...12 minutes for a full pot. The double walled carafe keeps coffee hot for hours, literally. Great machine, though a little pricey. I would buy it again.
I wanted a good coffee maker for my office, but didn't want the mess of having a separate grinder. After doing some research, I bought this Breville with the integrated grinder almost 2 years ago and have loved it ever since. My use case: Daily 1-2 pots that I share with co-workers, with an occasional post-lunch single 16 oz cup. I tend toward medium beans, and use cold, unfiltered, very hard water. Basically exactly what the manual tells you not to do. Pros: Amazing taste. I was using a Capresso Infinity grinder with a standard Mr. Coffee drip, and this was significantly better. I think there's some lost aromatics in just the few minutes between grind and brew with a standard set up. Or it could be confirmation bias, as I haven't done a double-blind study. Versatile. I also am amazed at the difference the grind and strength settings make. Sometimes I get a new bean and it's a bit on the bitter side, so I increase the grind size and strength and it's like a different coffee! I've never used the calibration, I just use trial and error. Easy to use. The interface is intuitive. The one thing I would recommend is to ditch the included gold filter and go with regular paper, it makes cleanup a lot easier, and I prefer the taste. It tells you when to descale, which in my case is about 1-2 times per year. Completely automated and takes ~40 minutes, then you'll want to run another pot or 2 of clean water to remove residual vinegar. Vacuum carafe. Avoiding the burned taste from a heating element is incredible. After about 1 hour on my old Mr. Coffee, the coffee tasted bad. This does not. One caveat, if you want to keep it hot for more than about 3-4 hours, you should pre-heat the carafe with hot water before brewing. If you do that, it's good for ~8 hours. Cost. Although the unit itself is expensive, I calculated a pot to cost me about $1 with locally roasted beans from Costco, at about $16 for 2 lbs. Compared to even cheap pods, this thing has already paid for itself. Cons. Cleaning. Really, it's not too bad, but more than pods. Any grinder/brewer combo will have a chute that needs cleaning. Depending on the bean type, cleaning is about 1-2 times a week. Pop off the bean hopper, open the basket, and use the included brush to wipe out the chute. With really oily, dark roasts, this 30 second task becomes a necessary daily routine, but with my medium roasts it can be up to 2 weeks. Sometimes there's some hard packed stuff around the edge I break off with my fingers. If you don't keep up on this, it can get clogged, which is obvious by the sound of the grinder. About every two weeks, I use wet paper towel to clean the stainless valve disc and the tray under the carafe. About 1-2 times per year, I empty all of the beans, take out the top part of the burr grinder, and really go at it with the included brush. When I first got the thing, it got clogged so I thought I had to do that every time and was annoyed, but I've since learned that a quick chute cleaning is all that's regularly needed. One quirk is that the valve only opens automatically if the unit is not in standby. If the LED backlight isn't on, push one of the knobs to turn it on. Then when you take off the bean hopper and open the basket, the valve will open. Noise. I don't think there's any noise mitigation on the grinder, but it's not any louder than my Capresso. Some of the super automatics are a lot quieter though. Cost. Upfront cost is high. It was worth it to me, though. When I'm on vacation, I miss it quite a bit.
Great Instructions---did it myself--and the instructions were perfect.
includes everything to hook up water line.
Easy to install, flush and get the water quality within hour. Great saving compare with original Culligan products.
I purchase the RO-treated drinking water you get from the dispenser at the local supermarket. I hated having to rely on the provider's word that it was being checked and maintained. Every month there is a new sticker on the machine with a technician's initials, but I wanted to make sure they were actually servicing it and not just slapping on a new sticker every time so I purchased this meter. I am happy to announce that the Primo water dispenser is indeed purifying the tap water. Water straight out of my tap reads above 200 ppm, whereas the store-bought water is between 6-12 ppm. A significant reduction in Total Dissolved Solids tells me their Reverse Osmosis and other filters are doing their job. In addition, I learned that my Pur faucet-mounted filter needs to be run for a few seconds before the water is good for drinking. The water that comes out immediately after turning it on actually contains more TDS than tap! I'm guessing that compounds in the filter seep out, making the water that has been sitting inside the filter more concentrated than either straight tap water or what is filtered. After letting the water run through the filter for a few seconds, only then is the TDS lower. Pur filters state that they do not remove hardness, just unhealthy contaminants. This meter confirmed this. My tap water is around 215 ppm, and after the filter begins to work it is reduced to about 175 ppm. This meter is very easy to use. It gets a reading almost instantly. I like the Hold button that allows you to keep the reading on the screen if you aren't able to see it while it's in the sample. The auto-off feature is handy so it doesn't accidentally run down the battery if you leave it on. I appreciate that the battery can be changed, and you don't need to purchase a whole new meter. The batteries for these meters are the button-type ones that can be found at Walmart or of course online. The meter comes already factory-calibrated, but it's nice that HM Digital also sells calibration solution if you want to do it yourselfxa0 HM Digital C342 TDS and EC Calibration Solution, 342 ppm (NaCl), 90 ml Volume . I might, just because I'm curious and like to DIY chemistry.
Great product. Received as expected and advertised. Keep up great work. Thanks for product and thanks for wanting my thoughts.
Works great, excellent alternative to the expensive rainsoft equipment.
Works fine
Good for money
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