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J&D WATER easy operation UV Sterilization System best price for customization

J&D WATER easy operation UV Sterilization System best price for customization

J&D WATER easy operation UV Sterilization System best price for customization

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JNDWATER Suger-Melting Pot


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◇◆ Product advantages

All the machines’s electronic component which product by ShenZhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co.,Ltd. come from famous manufacturers all over the world ,such as Omron,Siemens and so on.

Product by CE standard.

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◇◆ Product  certificate

All the machines are produced by CE standard and we also have CE certificate for all the equipment.


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After the machines arrives at the customer's factory, our company can arrange engineers to customer's factory to install and debug the equipment, make the machines run to the best working condition;the engineers also can train customer's staff about how to operation and maintenance of the equipment, customers also can arrange their engineers to study in our factory for free . During the warranty period,we provide the easy damage parts for free.

Very good
I love it.
You just need to put it in your shoes and press the switch. Turn it on and turn it on, because watching UV for a long time will hurt your eyes and skin. Similarly, turn off the switch and take it out of the shoe. This is the safest.
I have been using it for a few days. I think the most effective working time is 30 minutes. This is a very useful product design that solves the problem that I may be infected with the loop.
xa0I really didn't have that high of an expectation based on the price first off 60 bucks for a canister filter probably going to be Junkie and then let's add a UV sterilizer in there there's no way this thing's worth 60 bucks I mean if we buy something similar anywhere else a minimum of $150 man was I shocked I can't believe they're selling these things for only sixty bucks look at my tank what a difference I'm serious this little UV sterilizer Works fantastic I have an older Eheim canister filter and a pond size UV sterilizer and this thing seems to work just as well and the old UV sterilizer I have was over a hundred and fifty bucks and that old Eheim I remember I paid about a hundred and seventy for that thing it's pretty easy to use to I'd say it's easier than the ehime the little lever on the back you just flip that and it locks off both lines and then pop the top off got to kind of be careful as you removing the glass tube and done plastic seems like it's good quality the latches seem good no leaks lines are just fine I'm seriously considering buying a second one just so I can have backup in case anything ever happens
Better quality than I was expecting. I have kept fish as a hobby for 55 years. I have bought many filters. This one is a bargain! It's easy to assemble. It comes with long hoses. The UV is internal therefore well protected
I love this filter. If it would have had better directions, this would have been 5 stars. I am new to aquariums and I had no idea what to do. I was able to research online and figure it out. This filter is so quiet that I sometimes touch it to make sure it is on.
These are great filters for the money and customer service is from what I experienced beyond what I expected for the product. May cost more up front than hob or inside filters but depending on your loading of the trays, your largest expense is filter floss or carbon if you use it, many folks add more bio balls, or similar in that tray to increase bio filtration unless they need to remove fish meds, etc. Also holds 2 to 3 gallons of water so if running saltwater or more than one of these to have extra water supplies on hand for this.
Loved it so much I bought another! I have 3 of these filters running in the front room and you can't hear them at all! Great product for the price!
Nice for business
I bought this last year on June 20th. I live in the North East so this was disconnected, cleaned and stored inside for the winter. I put a new bulb in it in the Spring when I opened up the pond for the season. So here it is 1 year and 25 days from purchase and the unit is not working. Light bulb is still intact but the electrical tester is showing no power getting to the bulb. So even though I used this for far less than a year the warranty is up and I. and my fish, are out of luck.
By golly, this thing works. After a few days of part-to-full time use (just during daylight hours) my pond is crystal clear. I should have gotten a uv filter years ago. So far the bulb is holding up but I have been pulling it out of the main housing at night and keeping it inside, not only to let the bulbs dry out from any condensation but because the raccoons around my place are...shall we say, very rude guests.
I tried EVERYTHING to clear up my pond. Frequent filter media cleanings, water clarifying solutions; if anything, things got worse! I got this and installed it, and was initially disappointed. The water was only marginally clearer. But each day it got better and better until in less than a week the water is crystal clear!
This uv light is amazing!!!!! I cant believe how fast this thing cleared up my pea green water. It took about 3 days to clear up. Really wish I would have known about this light along time ago. I would definitely recomend this product to anyone that has an algae problem and pea green water.
Seems to work well. Best part has a spot on the outside so you can see if the light is working. Our old unit didn't. The fittings that come with it are not great and one snapped off. I can't find a replacement fitting anywhere.
This cleared up my green water issue. I have around 600 gallons in my pond. You may need a higher wattage for much larger ponds. Affordable and simple to use.
I was able to get this and install it before the spring bloom and it has been working great. No problems and the pond is clear.
works as described.
I have a planted tank that's only around 6 months old. Had a really bad algae bloom a couple months ago and tried the Green Killing Macine. That one works well too, but for whatever reason the cord started sprouting mold in my tank, so I returned it. Went for a while, but I'm still trying to get the light and nutrient formula under control. I saw a hint of cloudiness again so I threw this in the tank and the water was crystal clear within a couple days. Now I just plan to run it once in a while if I see the cloudiness return. It is pretty big in a 36 gal bowfront so I also don't want to leave it in for aesthetic reasons. Posted before and after. I also added a canister filter after the clouds parted.
Definitely does the job exceptionally well on clearing a tank. I have a tank with the same brand canister filter and have been having issues with a cloudy/milky film. I purchased this and within 5 days the tank was clear. One day you could see the difference! I only did a 20% water change the 3rd day since I was adding gravel to the tank. Highly recommend. Photos show on the 5th day, and then the first day.
Tank is clear again! Was upset coming in a seeing Algae spots. Clean filters and the tank was clearing immediately. Didn’t scrap inside glass either. This is only a ten gallon tank so had problems until UV lights.
I had struggled with green algae despite trying various treatments. I bought this device and used it for a week, and the problem was solved completely. I had to do some extra digging on You Tube, as the instructions provided are pretty lame, a really bad translation job. Still, it was pretty intuitive once I watched it in action. So, don't be afraid to buy this, but do a You Tube search and watch at least a couple of videos.
I like this product and it does work, however, I'm missing the top intake elbow piece. I've used it without incident since ordering in October. Today I came home and found one of my guppies sucked down into the intake. Very sad...had this fish a long time. How do i get a replacement for the part that is missing? All I need is the top elbow piece.
Sunsun is our go to on aquarium needs. This sterilizer works wonders paired top our sunsun under Cabinet filter. Great quality products as always!!
Couldn't be happier with this UV filter. I had a green algae problem. I had tried darkening the room, adding an algae killer chemical which seemed to kill 2 fish and do nothing for the algae. I was just about to give up and start a new tank cycle when I purchased this filter. Within 24 hours the water was about 75% clearer. 24 more hours and the water is crystal clear. The best it's been since new. I now plan to run this filter about 4 hours a night and see if it maintains the clear water. I'm using it in a 15 gallon aquarium along with a Fluval 30 gallon filter at the same time. If you have problems with algae blooms, get this filter. Safest way to eliminate the algae and your beneficial algae will stay unharmed in the filter and the gavel.
This uv light has helped clear up an alge bloom i had very quickly. Great product and no issues so far.
One has to be patient but in like five days one is able to see the water start to get clearer. Good unit.
I just finished the Kindle version of this book and I am now going to order the hard copy of this excellent guide. I have been keeping freshwater tropical fish off and on ever since I was thirteen years old. I have had most every kind of freshwater tropical fish and even built my own tanks. I had been out of the hobby for several years and decided to get back into it. Things have changed a little since the sixties, seventies and eighties! So, I decided to read everything I could get my hands on to get back up to speed. For anyone getting into the freshwater aquarium hobby for the first time or for those who need a refresher course, this is THE book to get. I have read far too many self-published kindle books -- some by very knowledgeable aquarists -- but most all of them were poorly written and formatted. Some even contained contradictory and inconsistent advice for beginning aquarists. Others were horribly confusing when it came to the most important matter of all -- the nitrogen cycle (i.e., cycling the tank). Many confuse "nitrites" with "nitrates." (It is obvious that very few self published Kindle books are edited by anyone who has the competence to do so. A note to all who self publish: You cannot constructively and critically edit your own work.) I have also read numerous hard copy books on freshwater tropical fish and aquarium setup and maintenance. Two are high on my list: "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Freshwater Aquariums" by Mike Wickham; and "A PocketExpert Guide to Tropical Fishes" by Sweeny, Bailey, and Norman. Another book well worth considering is "Setting Up a Tropical Aquarium: Week by Week" by Stuart Thraves. But, "The Simple Guide to Freshwater Aquariums" (TSGTFA) by David Boruchowitz is the very best of the best! For the beginning aquarist, if TSGTFA does not cover it, you don't need to know it. This is the book to begin with. If you follow his wisdom and experienced advice you will be successful. I enjoyed his engaging style and found all of the information contained within this well written book to be very accurate.
I purchased this book on the strength of the reviews of the first edition. I have to say that I was not at all disappointed. When I got the book, the sum total of my fish knowledge came from pet-sitting a betta fish for a month. However, I work in a large pet store and wanted to learn about our aquatics department. This book was invaluable in helping me to quickly understand the basics of aquarium care. I found it relatively easy to read & understand. I was also snared into the world of fish-enthusiasts - I am now in the process of setting up my own tank (I'm still in the cycling stage) & have tentative plans for a second tank. The book helped me avoid the common pitfalls beginners make and revealed the truth behind some fish myths (fish do NOT grow to fit the tank). The chapters on required equipment (Ch 4: What do I have to have?), cycling (Ch 12), & Suggested Stocking Schemes (Ch 19) are particularly helpful. This is some of the most important information new fish owners should have, and it is hard to find in other aquarium books. The book does not have much detailed information on specific species of fish, but that is not what this book is meant to do. That information is easy to find in any freshwater fish guide. I definitely recommend this book to beginners.
Use between a box filter and a 550 gallon pump and it cleared my 100 gallon pond in less than a couple days!
It cleared my 150 gallon fish pond in about five days. I still have the coagulated algae settled at the bottom and plan to siphon it out.
I started with a 158 gph pump, because it was all I had, and it worked. Recently put in a 264 gph pump and its working great. Their recommendation of a 330 is spot on I'm sure, I just didn't want to spend the extra to get that size; and its working great on my 2000 gallon koi pond.
Great buy, works great, cleaned my algee in the fish pound in 1 week
I couldn't believe my eyes. Overnight, my 350 gallon pond went from pea green to clear. I'm really impressed. I can see my fish!
Good product
This has been running all summer like a champ!
Took awhile but it cleared the pond up completely. I had floating algae covering 1/2 the pond. My original uv light system went caput. Replacing the bulb did not work so I had to buy a complete system. This one was easy to hook up and seems to work excellent.
Pond was green for a month. Cleared in 9 days! 250 gallon pond. South florida
it took about 2 weeks to clear all the algae from my 700 gallon pond, but it went from pea soup to crystal clear in a about two weeks, along with some ecofix and a Danner filter
shipped promptly, unit was as described, I plugged it in, but still can't see the indicator light. the first few weeks, it worked great.. but now, I'm wondering if both sides of the bulb are lit.
Pretty decent book, though it left me with a few questions and holes about how to care for plants, plant selection, what to use for substrate, and thoughts on how to setup a tank for a given school he recommends. The school recommendations are pretty helpful and well thought out.
I have read a lot of books on keeping tropical fish. This is by far the best one I have found. I have learned a lot from this book.
The first bookj I bought when I set up my tank. I followed the writer's advice and two years later, my fish are thriving and my plants are growing like crazy (have to keep cutting them back). Easy read. Price was right if I remember correctly.
I had an aquarium several years ago, had to give it up due to many moves. I have set one up again. I needed a brush up on start-up and care since much has changed over the years. Should one follow to the letter his detailed instructions, I feel they would be successful in their endeavor. My one complaint in regard to the book is that he addresses 50-55 gallon tanks, (only in "stocking schemes" does he come down as far as 30 gallon. There are many of us who live in an apartment, or as myself, in my 80's living alone, or for other restrictions cannot entertain such a large tank. I have a 15 gallon tank, and with the water exchange it is about as much as I care to deal with. It is too difficult to try to scale back all his recommendations to 10-20 gallon tanks. I realize this would involve a lot of additional text, but this well written and illustrated book leaves those of us with smaller needs a bit frustrated.
Use the odor before I store my boots and the odor is changed.
Had to turn it off after two days because it worked too well!! I used it on my hang-on-back filter and followed another buyer’s modification by cutting a slit on the box it came with and placing it on top of the uncovered filter. This is a 54 gallon heavily planted and heavily stocked tank running on a canister filter and sponge intakes. The tank is under my covered patio outdoors and only receive natural sunlight. Algae is one of my biggest problems to tackle with the outdoor fish tanks. After receiving this UV aquarium light, I used it for at least 48 hours straight and the tank hasn’t accumulated new algae (because it grows fast on the walls so I scrub often) and the ones on the gravel and plants are turning white because they’re dying back! I turned it off for now because I need the algae for new fish coming in this week. DO NOT EXPOSE THE LIGHT TO FISH OR THEY WILL DIE. Says so in the directions. These are best placed in sump tanks or large filters. It does say submersible, but I haven’t tried that yet. I will if/when I build my sump. This thing does what it says. I’m glad to have read the reviews and the directions!
I got this light with zero expectation. I have a 40-gallon tank with high waste fish (blood parrot, tire track eel, and 2 rope fish) and feed them fresh food such as tilapia and shrimp. My water always good but sometimes after feeding time, it's a little cloudy. I use the box of this light and cut a slit that is big enough for the bulb to shine through my hang in back filter. This way I could run it safely a few hours a day without harming my fish! After using it for about 2 days, I noticed my water is def clearer! Nothing dramatic but I noticed it and so does my son. I tried to capture it in the picture but might not show the difference much. Picture of my tank on the top is before and the bottom one is after using the light. I also attached the picture of how I use it on my HOB filter. I'll wrap the box soon to make it look nicer ????. I highly recommend it!
This works very well keeping the water clear, it only runs a few hours a day.
This worked great for the whole season.
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