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JND WATER Fire Drill -Factory Emergency Escape

JND WATER Fire Drill -Factory Emergency Escape


Recently, our company Shenzhen JND WATER conducted a fire drill in the industrial zone. The purpose of the fire drill is to test the ability of the company's employees and voluntary fire emergency organizations to respond to fire, to assess the skills and effectiveness of daily fire training, education, and to improve employees' ability to extinguish, evacuate, and rescue themselves. The fire field organization, coordination, and command capabilities enable employees to be trained and educated during the exercise, further enhance fire safety awareness, and focus on prevention. The policy of combining prevention and consumption is better implemented in the company.

Fire escape

In the event of an emergency fire, if there is heavy smoke, use a wet handkerchief, towel, etc. to hold the mouth and nose to prevent suffocation from poisoning, and ensure that it is transferred from the emergency exit in an orderly manner.

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Shenzhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd. is China's leading manufacturer of bottling equipment and supply the global market with a complete range of bottling equipment and accessories. J&D Water with fixed assets of over 80 million $ u.s. and a global turnover of over 500million $u.s. employ 1500 staff in the design, manufacture, and sales of their range of bottling equipment. The total manufacturing and administration area owned by J&D is over 70,000 sq meters. J&D Water is IS09001 approved and all of the equipment manufactured by J&D is manufactured to the following standards CE, TUV, GS, ETL, UL, SASO, RoHS and CSA. J&D Water operates a program of continuous improvement in the design and quality of its equipment and where appropriate utilizes advanced filling technologies from Germany, the USA, and Italy. J&D Water can supply the following equipment: water dispensers, water filtration systems and all associated equipment required for a bottling factory including bottle blowing, labeling, and packaging equipment. 3000-36000BPH mineral water & pure water processing and filling lines; . 3000-36000BPH fruit juice & hot drinks filling lines; . 100-2000BPH 5 or 3-gallon bottling lines; . 2000-36000BPH carbonated drink processing and cold filling lines; . 1000-8000BPH vinegar, wine, oil filling, and packing lines; A full range of water treatment equipment. With world-leading technologies and a program of continuous improvement, all the products supplied by J&D Water have gained a good reputation from their global customer base. J&D has exported bottling and associated equipment to the USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Russia, Africa, the Middle East area, etc for over 10 years. J&D Water can assist with factory layouts and can also provide a full installation and technical back up service.

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