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Knowledge details of conventional laser marking machine software

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-22
At present, the most important domestic laser marking machine software comes from Beijing Golden Orange marking software, however, it does not rule out the laser marking machine software developed by the listed laser company itself or the laser company that has modified the conventional software for the second time, but it is only a very small number of laser companies, most of the laser marking machines here also use golden orange laser marking software. However, the most important thing is to see what control card the manufacturer uses and determine the software to use. The following laser editor will tell you about the golden orange marking software commonly used by laser marking machine. Golden Orange control card, the name of this company's marking software is EZCAD, which is very prominent in the domestic market and is loved by the majority of laser companies. Therefore, there are many software users and it has become extremely common. And this software has many designs, which is very suitable for various occasions and is not subject to any restrictions. The only deficiency is the high difficulty of secondary development, and even some do not have this function.
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