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Laser 2019 4th International Intelligent Manufacturing/mobile phone 3C automation exhibition

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-26
With the rapid development of 5G communication, Internet of Everything and artificial intelligence, the opportunities for the new 3C consumer industry are becoming more and more prominent. Including mobile phone communication electronics, automotive home appliances electronics, medical and personal consumer electronics, etc. , 3C electronics industry nearly 5 trillion of the output value. Among them, South China accounts for more than 70%; Facing the changes in the consumer market and the world economic environment, the industry reshuffle, transformation and innovative application are constantly changing. Facing the new manufacturing environment, more attention should be paid to automatic transformation and flexible intelligent manufacturing. In more links such as patch, wiring, dispensing, spraying, polishing, assembly, testing, packaging, loading and unloading, it will become more and more flexible and intelligent. Laser this exhibition model: fiber laser welding machine, transparent plastic laser welding machine, QCW laser welding machine and other precision welding equipment.
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