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Laser anti-collision system will improve the safety of planes land and take off

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-19
In recent years, the frequent disaster has become the attention and a problem. From the horse boat accident twice over the past two years, to the most recent Russian passenger plane crash, people seem to focus more often lies in the plane after taking off by accident. And according to the statistics, take-off and landing of the proportion of fatal accident accounted for sixty-six percent of the total. This among them, including the famous 'Munich'. On February 6, 1958, due to the trip to the former Yugoslavia, on his return to Manchester, Manchester united plane midway stop refueling in Munich. For the third time in Munich airport took off when he crashed, a total of 44 passengers and crew on board, 23 people were killed, including eight Manchester united players, this also led to the Manchester united in those days. But this time, the survivors, coach busby swear that he must use the European champions league * the soul for the reaction to the Manchester united players. In 1968, Munich ten years later, he made it, 1 European champions Manchester united history with the cup! This may be a sad and story full of blood, but from the side and illustrates the take-off and landing the multiple and chance of the accident. In order to reduce the happening of the accident, the United States will use of altacas system used on the plane, through the use of laser and the microprocessor monitor, monitor the path of the aircraft during take-off and landing on the runway, in order to avoid the occurrence of an emergency. Among them, part 1 of the system is installed in the rotation of the wing and body parts half spherical probe, including light detection and ranging sensor and receivers, and through the laser radar stealth pulse beam scanning, to determine a few miles range of potential danger. The second part of the system is composed of unit control and processing ( CAPU) Formed by the central processor connected cockpit display controller, and with the airport ground sensors and lighting device to connect, to predict the possibility of danger. At the same time, the pilot flight information will be sent back altacas system, including the take-off weight, speed, speed, etc. , if the system according to the flight data or global positioning system (GPS) tracking detect any danger, these risks will be timely feedback to the pilot, in order to avoid the happening of calamity. With the development of economy, the use of an aeroplane has more and more popular and popularization. Although in some ways, the plane is the least transportation accident, but compared with other traffic accidents such as car accidents, plane in the event of accident, can survive may is almost zero. For people, the relevant experts to design better to ensure the safety of aircraft system, must be a good news.
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