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Laser cutting machine application in automotive manufacturing

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-27
Today's automobile manufacturing industry, increasingly fierce competition, and constantly introduce new products, can meet the pursuit of fine custom, can cater to the needs of the popularization. As a result, more and more small, the varieties of quantitative every variety of merchandise and shorter service life, which requires the carmaker continuously tap potential, improve manufacturing technology, efforts to reduce the production cost, including new product trial manufacturing costs. Europe and the United States, Japanese companies in more than a decade ago, the earliest gradually promote the use of laser cutting machine, and applied to the production of automobile sheet metal. Automobile as a high and new technology of highly concentrated industry faces very tough market challenges - — Consumer demand is higher and higher, personalized things more and more diversified, laser as the advanced productivity, has been widely used in more than 60% of auto parts production and processing. Laser cutting technology intervention not only can reduce the cost from the artificial level, more important is can work in a standardized standardized processes to meet industry 4. 0 the advent of laser technology is the basis of intelligent manufacturing, automobile manufacturing industry is to realize intelligent manufacturing and the premise of the combination of digital factory. Laser cutting when using high energy laser beam irradiation on the surface, cause the exposure to the region to partial melting, car or phase change, so as to achieve cutting, laser beam by the special optical system focus on high energy density, thick burning-out some high hardness materials, such as hard metals, ceramics, diamond, can complete the task to conventional machining is difficult to achieve. Until today in development of laser technology has become a comprehensive science, laser processing with organic combination of computer hardware and software technology. Use relevant technology such as CAD, can break through the traditional mode of design and manufacturing, can significantly change the face of car manufacturing. As a kind of new technology, the application of laser cutting machine can be said to be unlimited. Only you unlikely places, there is no laser cutting machine can't do. Facing the broad market, large-scale laser cutting machine technology application will undoubtedly bring the auto industry a revolutionary impact, for laser cutting machine manufacturer, is also a rare opportunity, is bound to be versed in the further development of laser technology. Now, laser cutting machine technology in China are just together with the auto industry development phase, the car in high demand in China, means that the laser cutting machine application prospects in the automotive industry, the market potential is tremendous, laser cutting machine in our country enterprise should seize the opportunity, realize the development of the take-off at a time. Metal laser cutting machine laser cutting machine
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