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Laser cutting machine cutting way

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-26
Ⅰ vaporization cutting refers to the processed material removal is mainly done through the way of evaporation materials. In vaporization cutting process, the workpiece table while under the effect of the focused laser beam, the temperature rises quickly to the evaporation temperature, material of vaporization, form of high pressure steam with supersonic jet outward. Laser effect in the area to form a 'hole' at the same time, the laser beam in multiple reflections within the hole and materials of laser absorption feng rapidly increase. In the process of high pressure steam high-speed jet, the melt in the kerf width was blown away from the cut seam at the same time, until the cutting the workpiece. In vaporizing within that materials mainly by vaporizing manner, thus the power density is high, should achieve every square centimeter commonly more than eight of 10 watts. Vaporization cutting is laser cutting some low ignition point material, Such as wood, carbon, and some plastic) As well as refractory materials ( Such as ceramics, etc. ) Often on mining method. When using a pulse laser cutting material also adopt the method of vaporization cutting more. Melt cutting in the melt cutting Ⅱ reaction. If the secondary air flow is not only the cutting seam in the melt blown away, but also can change with artifacts in dicating, increase the cutting process of the other - The heat source, such melting cutting cutting called reaction. The gas can react with the workpiece is usually oxygen or contain oxygen mixture. When the surface temperature of ignition temperature, the intense combustion exothermic reaction occurs, can greatly improve the ability of laser cutting. For low carbon steel and stainless steel, the combustion exothermic reaction energy is 60%. For a reactive metals such as titanium, burn to provide energy about 90%. Therefore, the reaction melting cutting and laser vaporization cutting, - A melting cutting, compared to the laser power density is lower, only about 1/20 of the vaporization cutting, melting cutting 1/2. In melt cutting reaction, however, in the combustion reaction in some chemical changes can make the material surface, which will have influence on the performance of the workpiece. Ⅲ melt cutting in the process of laser cutting, laser beam and if add a coaxial auxiliary blowing system, make the melt in the process of cutting does not remove material vaporization itself alone, and is mainly rely on high speed and the blowing of auxiliary air, will melt continuously blow away from the kerf width, the cutting process is referred to as melting cutting. In the process of melting cutting, workpiece temperature no longer needs to be heated to vaporization temperature above, therefore can significantly reduce the required laser power density. The material melting and the latent heat of vaporization ratio shows that melting cutting laser power needed is only 1/10 of vaporization cutting method. Ⅳ laser scribing this method is mainly used for: semiconductor materials; Using a high power density laser beam in a semiconductor structure material surface draw - All shallow groove, because the groove weaken the bonding force of semiconductor materials. Accessible mechanical method or vibration method makes the fracture. The quality of the laser scribing measured by surface size fragments and heat affected zone. Ⅴ cold cutting which is a new kind of machining method, as the ultraviolet band in recent years the appearance of the high power excimer laser. Its basic principle: ultraviolet photons energy resembles the binding energy of many organic materials, with such a high-energy photons hit the combination of the organic material to key and make it broken. So as to achieve the purpose of cutting. This new technology has broad application prospects, especially in the application of the electronic industry is very wide. Thermal stress Ⅵ cutting brittle material under the heating of laser beam. Its surface is easy to produce larger stress. Able to by laser heating, fast oil transporting they cause fracture. The cutting process is called laser cutting heat stress. Cutting mechanism of the thermal stress: a field of laser heating brittle material. Make its produce obvious temperature gradient. Laser cutting machine laser cutting
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