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Laser cutting machine of smoke exhaust gas treatment

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-27
Laser cutting, low is the use of high power density of laser to cut the workpiece, can be cut to make the artifacts, plate separation, directly in the cutting process can produce a large amount of dust and smoke, the smoke will be a part of the chemical composition, does great harm to the body after being inhaled, also affect the workshop internal working environment, so you need to select a treatment method against the dust and smoke, on the one hand can solve the air of workshop internal malodorous, mainly on the one hand can be accord with the requirement of environmental protection departments, laser cutting waste gas processing method. Laser cutting is divided into several kinds, also have a laser gasification and melting cutting, laser cutting, laser cutting oxide, the working principle of three kinds of laser cutting is not the same, the dust and smoke and some don't, through a simple introduction about the three kinds of laser cutting of soot. 1, laser fusion cutting: when the incident laser power density is more than a certain value, the irradiation materials evaporated, the formation of the hole, and the speed of light around the material was melting. Then, with the speed of light coaxial auxiliary air take around the molten material, form of smoke; 2, laser vaporization cutting: under the high power density of laser beam heating, about 40% of the material vaporized into steam disappeared, 60% of the material as the ejecta from the kerf bottom blown away by the auxiliary gas, combined with tiny particles in the air, dust formation; 3, laser cutting, oxide material surface under the irradiation of laser beam, quickly heated to the ignition temperature, then the intense combustion reaction with oxygen, emit a large amount of heat, make the material forming inside the hole filled with steam, and holes for molten metal wall surrounded, surrounded around these steam and the molten material was taken away by auxiliary air, floating in the job-shop, formation of dust and smoke. A laser cutting machine of the soot waste gas processing method for laser cutting of dust collection, is commonly used to capture collecting hood, if demand effect is good, you can choose to collect cover closed, dust and soot can be achieve large amount of collect, after collect dust processing equipment, powder processing equipment generally have the early effect, in effect, the triple filter, and then introduced the centralized dedusting equipment, through the level 4 after filtering, and then was introduced into standard 15 meters high chimney emissions into the atmosphere. Also can use another way, equipment and working principle of using different, mainly by: fire valve - —>> Purification + spray mist - —>> Photocatalytic oxidation/charcoal adsorption - —>> Centrifugal fan ( Air emissions) Recommendation: laser cutting equipment discount bargain offer 4007001618 【 Metal laser cutting equipment 】 It is mainly used for cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, aluminum, iron, gold, silver etc. Thickness is 1. 0 ~ 25 mm plate; 【 Stainless steel laser cutting equipment 】 Classic gantry double drive structure of stable and reliable, automatic switching table, at the same time of cutting up and down on another table, convenient and quick to save time; 【 Optical fiber laser cutting 】 With high-speed movement speed, acceleration and dynamic performance, is laser for efficient and specialized research and development of a product, its cutting 0. The speed of 5 mm stainless steel reached 100 m/min. 【 Carbon steel sheet metal laser cutting 】 Specializing in sheet metal processing industry demand for sheet of processing in the field of research and development design of laser processing equipment, it has a very high cost performance, with CNC system control, efficiency is much higher than in other laser cutting equipment for the board drive mode control. More CNC laser cutting machine laser cutting laser cutting equipment of smoke exhaust
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