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Laser cutting processing advantages

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-26
Laser cutting processing advantages foreign processing is to point to have their own processing, production workshop, receive orders for company or enterprise, directly carry on the processing semi-finished products, demand for scattered users outside processing has many advantages. As intelligent mechanical equipment, laser cutting machine can cut a variety of sheet metal and the thickness of cutting metal range span is big, can not only for simple metal cutting, drilling, hollow out, etc. , can also be for a precision metal is finishing. It can be used in sheet metal processing, aviation, aerospace, electronics, electrical appliances, tube fittings, automobile, food machinery, textile machinery, engineering machinery, precision parts, ships, metallurgical equipment, elevators, household appliances, craft gifts, tool processing, decoration, advertising, metal foreign machining, kitchen utensils and appliances, and other manufacturing industries. For customer needs processing main advantage lies in: 1. To save time, save costs. 2. Less easy to operate and strong flexibility. 3. Can be used as a in the early period of the equipment purchase. To buy fiber laser cutting for external processing processors is the main advantage lies in: 1. Flexibility is strong, can provide users with professional custom. 2. Can help the user to quickly complete processing and production. 3. Long-term to provide customers with stable processing, equipment cost recovery fast, fast effect. Application of optical fiber laser cutting machine to metal processing industry to foreign in this not only is a benefit for scattered users, for processors, this is a way of getting rich. Fiber laser cutting machine is a new type of fiber laser output laser beam of high energy density, and gathered in the workpiece surface, make the workpieces is super fine focus light irradiation area moment melting and gasification, move the light to shine through numerical control mechanical system and automatic cutting, fast speed, high precision. Its main advantage lies in: 1) , high precision, fast speed, narrow kerf width, minimum heat affected zone, edge smooth and no burr. 2) , cutting head does not contact with the material surface, not scratch artifacts. 3) , narrow kerf width, small heat affected zone, for carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy plate cutting without deformation, etc. 4) , processing flexibility, can be processing any graphics, can also cutting pipes and other profiles. Some external processing factories, now has a plasma cutting equipment, it mainly undertake the task of the daily cut metal, however, as the deterioration of the external processing tasks, customer requirements for samples of ascension, the plasma cutting equipment obviously cannot meet the production requirements, after consideration, observed the factory decided to start a family laser intelligent equipment of optical fiber laser cutting machine. The laser cutting machine cutting speed, smooth cut, generally without post processing, also will be higher than plasma cutting precision of the cutting machine precision. Light after laser cutting machine put into use, the factory processing efficiency and quality of the samples increased, at the same time greatly satisfy the customer demand for precision machining. While using the laser cutting machine upfront investment is larger, but the bulk processing, high-quality cutting samples can help processors to create higher efficiency, and more conducive to win the market. With the continuous upgrading of industry, some companies for samples of metal precision demand is higher and higher, and because the quantity is little so buy a come back processing equipment is not cost-effective, for outside processing is they need to do now, and have a laser cutting machine with industrial and commercial is urgently needed, they looked for laser cutting machine good performance can help users solve the problem of more. Metal laser cutting equipment recommendation: preferential deals offer 4007001618 【 Metal laser cutting equipment 】 It is mainly used for cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, aluminum, iron, gold, silver etc. Thickness is 1. 0 ~ 25 mm plate; 【 Stainless steel laser cutting equipment 】 Classic gantry double drive structure of stable and reliable, automatic switching table, at the same time of cutting up and down on another table, convenient and quick to save time; 【 Optical fiber laser cutting 】 With high-speed movement speed, acceleration and dynamic performance, is laser for efficient and specialized research and development of a product, its cutting 0. The speed of 5 mm stainless steel reached 100 m/min. 【 Carbon steel sheet metal laser cutting 】 Specializing in sheet metal processing industry demand for sheet of processing in the field of research and development design of laser processing equipment, it has a very high cost performance, with CNC system control, efficiency is much higher than in other laser cutting equipment for the board drive mode control. More laser laser cutting metal laser cutting metal cutting equipment
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