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Laser cutting punch process

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-26
For laser cutting, except few cases began cutting plate edge, initially usually must use laser wear a hole in the plank, and then start from the small hole cutting. In the thick plate cutting, perforation is bad cause bad cutting, processing. In order to achieve stable perforation, this article will show the processing characteristics of perforation. Basic is divided into two kinds of 1 perforation method at present. Pulse pulse perforation perforation is to adopt the principle of the pulse laser peak power make a small amount of material to melt or vaporize, usually with air or nitrogen as auxiliary gases. Every period of pulse laser will produce small particles of injection, and gradually in-depth, until penetration plank, so thick plate hole for a long time. 2. Working principle of blasting hole blasting perforation is material after continuous laser irradiation in the center of the formation of a pit, and then by the airflow will soon melt material removal with coaxial laser beam to form a hole. Plate thickness, with the size of the hole blasting perforation average diameter is usually half the thickness of the plank. For thicker plate blasting perforation, aperture will be bigger and round, so the blasting perforation often need to be done on the waste area. Methods: compared the two perforation pulse perforation perforation quality is better than blasting hole, but as a result of long punch, pulse perforation cost is much higher. In order to reduce the cost of pulse perforation, improve the efficiency of perforation, enhanced pulse technology of continuous high power fiber laser, by optimizing the laser output, provides far excess average power output pulse peak power. Figure 1 regular pulse output increase pulse output 2000 w conventional pulse perforation and enhance pulse perforation on the carbon steel and stainless steel perforated test, specific data is as follows: figure 2 stainless steel perforated time contrast figure 3 carbon steel perforated contrast can be seen that: more than 5 mm thickness of the stainless steel plate perforation efficiency 55% on average, more than 10 mm thickness of steel plate perforation efficiency increase of 80% on average. For high power fiber laser, by improving the pulse peak power, the hole can not only shorten the time and improve the efficiency of perforation, up and down and wear out of hole diameter, the slag deposition and heat affected zone is small. Figure 4 using a 2000 - watt laser for 10 mm304 stainless steel perforated comparison ( Auxiliary gas for nitrogen) Normal pulse perforation ( Left) And enhanced pulse perforation ( Right) Recommendation: laser cutting equipment discount bargain offer 4007001618 【 Metal laser cutting equipment 】 It is mainly used for cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, aluminum, iron, gold, silver etc. Thickness is 1. 0 ~ 25 mm plate; 【 Stainless steel laser cutting equipment 】 Classic gantry double drive structure of stable and reliable, automatic switching table, at the same time of cutting up and down on another table, convenient and quick to save time; 【 Optical fiber laser cutting 】 With high-speed movement speed, acceleration and dynamic performance, is laser for efficient and specialized research and development of a product, its cutting 0. The speed of 5 mm stainless steel reached 100 m/min. 【 Carbon steel sheet metal laser cutting 】 Specializing in sheet metal processing industry demand for sheet of processing in the field of research and development design of laser processing equipment, it has a very high cost performance, with CNC system control, efficiency is much higher than in other laser cutting equipment for the board drive mode control. More CNC laser cutting equipment, laser cutting laser cutting punch
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