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Laser cutting technology innovation

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-27
Volkswagen is currently with the Hanover laser center, and other partners, is developing a applied to automobile industry automation cutting components processing technology. If its in car to mass production, so we must develop automated production technology for material cutting. The traditional techniques such as grinding milling or water jet cutting has some disadvantages, such as high wear or need water to brush. As part of the known as LASER 3 d project, seven cooperation in the field of industrial and scientific research units, will be under the leadership of Volkswagen, common development and application in three dimensional LASER processing, the use of LASER milling can be overcome and the problems existing in the water jet cutting, and can realize high precision applications, and repeat this process has high output resistance and flexibility. So far on the laser processing technology, due to the heat generated by harms the wafer, the problem is not solved, based on a fiber optic guidance, pulse width for nanosecond laser project, is developed by laser, the application of specific chip, and optimize the process monitoring and control system, laser cutting parts of a problem is that the particles and gases is very harmful to human body health, laser with full surround type laser cutting machine solves this problem. The laser
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