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Laser cutting the main cutting parameters in detail

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-27
Laser cutting of main cutting parameters are: the beam transverse mode, laser power, polarization direction, cutting speed, auxiliary gas and its flow, focal length and the amount of coke. 1, the beam transverse mode beam transverse mode can be divided into the base model ( Gaussian mode) , low order modes, multimode three categories. In laser power certain cases, the base model is the ideal cutting model, and single mode is superior to the multimode again. 2, laser power and the physical properties of the laser power and the cutting material, thickness and cutting mechanism are closely related. The melting point of material, the higher the thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, the greater the thickness, the laser power is large. Gasification of the same material needed to power the most * big cutting, melting cutting times, oxygen cutting is minimal. 3, polarization direction light polarization direction is perpendicular to the direction of shear wave, if the polarization direction parallel to the cut suture, and absorb the light effect is very good, narrow and parallel cut; If both with a certain Angle, the absorb light energy reduction, cutting speed is reduced, incision coarse, wide and not straight; If the vertical, less effective. 4, the cutting speed in the case of other parameters must be, cutting speed obviously depends on the thickness and width of the incision. 5, auxiliary gas and its flow oxygen cutting, laser assisted gas to cut metal exothermic reaction in order to provide some energy, and can blow to slag and protect the focusing mirror effect; The laser fusion cutting and gasification, cutting the auxiliary gas is used to blow to melting and evaporation materials, and the cooling effect to the cutting zone, and ability to inhibit plasma cloud negative effects. As a result, when cutting metal oxide, use more oxygen as aided gas; While cutting metal and nonmetal oxide not easily, use nitrogen as auxiliary gas, in order to realize its blowdown and cooling two big functions. Traffic is related to the gas pressure and other parameters constant existence and the most * big cutting speed corresponding to the oxygen pressure. Oxygen purity is have a significant effect on cutting speed, lower the purity of 2% oxygen ( Volume fraction) Can reduce 50% of the cutting speed. 6, the focal length and the focal length of coke size will directly affect the beam spot diameter and power density focus, then affects the incision from coke cutting depth and width. The focal length is short, the beam spot diameter is small, high power density, cutting speed, but the depth of focus is also small. Therefore, appropriate USES short focal length, plate thick plate on the premise of enough power densities, with long focal length advisable. Laser cutting
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