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Laser for the masses of users

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-17
China laser market competition intensified, in your opinion, should be how to promote the healthy development of the laser industry. Laser: laser technology from the 1960 s of the birth of the past fifty years. Compared with the traditional industrial technology, laser technology is a new technology is very young, both technology and market is still in the stage of development. For such an industry is still in the stage of development, especially the laser industry in China is still in the stage of a very immature, how should a healthy development? First is the government departments should be introduced to protect measures and regulations, protect the real business with innovative technologies and products. Such as laser, etc. Laser technology in China lags behind that of foreign countries, for a long time on the one hand, there are historical reasons ( Mainly weak foundation and capital and technology) , but in recent years, with the development of economy in our country, there have been quite a number of enterprises have some ability to research and development. But because of many domestic enterprises are used to 'copy' mode of development, make a lot of have the ability and the meaning of the original enterprise because of fear of investment can not get good returns was forced to back down, leading to real original technology and products. Therefore, only the government really by laws and regulations to protect innovation of enterprise, innovation of Chinese laser industry has grown on the soil of the seedlings to grow into towering trees. Second, China's market is very big, the direction of the application is very much also, the enterprise shall, according to its own characteristics to do targeted, featured products, rather than follow suit, making some popular product technology content is not high. Because there is no technical content, only can do the price. Companies could have a good performance, but if you don't do change, tend to be eliminated by the market soon. Companies also need to do one thing is the education and guidance to the user. Many Chinese users for laser research is not deep, some users buy a laser equipment is hope can do anything, found that laser can't do anything bad, such understanding is very wrong, any technology is all-powerful, has its limitations, is suitable for the laser cutting is not suitable for deposition. Users must understand this truth, at the same time, as companies should also allow customers to recognize this fact, but not for the benefit of the now, to the customer description of the skies. In a word, the laser industry in China is still very young, need to all aspects of efforts to protect, to make it develop healthily. The laser
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