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Laser interpretation: Advantages of ABS switch panel laser marking machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-13
We live in a society of science and technology. We use all kinds of high-tech products. Nowadays, more and more products will use laser equipment such as laser marking machine and laser cutting machine. For example, electronic components, plastic packaging, ABS switch panels, etc. will use laser marking machine, now to explore the ABS switch panel laser marking machine use advantages. The switch panel, that is, the button surface of various switches, is basically made of plastic. Many switch buttons will mark some characters or images on their surfaces for identification, such as exhaust fans; Bed lamp; Wait. For buttons that were not marked in the old days, users would choose to find stickers or write on the surface, but this method is neither beautiful nor lasting. Therefore, the emergence and use of ABS switch panel laser marking machine have more advantages. Laser marking machine, also known as laser printer, is the use of high-energy gathered laser beam on the surface of various materials for marking, so as to achieve the identification of the product surface. In today's society of scientific and technological development, ABS switch panel laser marking machine is also loved by users, especially in hotel decoration, laser marking has more advantages. First of all, after laser marking and machining, the life is longer and the font is longer, so there is no need to worry about blurring due to too much touch. Compared with the traditional silk screen printing technology, this has the advantages; Secondly, the processing speed is fast and the cost is low. For manufacturers with small batches, the cost of screen printing technology is relatively high, and the processing time is long, and the number of people required is also large, which is gradually replaced by the ABS switch panel laser marking machine. Laser technology has gradually penetrated into our lives, and our clothing, shoes, bags, and daily necessities are slowly involved in laser processing. In the days to come, I believe the laser marking opportunity of ABS switch panel will bring us different surprises.
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