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Laser introduction to the development of laser industry

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-21
The development of laser industry in China, although is a rudimentary, but in the international science and technology, led has completed the leap development, and have a high quality than the same stage of the outstanding. Has from the lower part of the yag laser cutting machine, cutting now fiber cutting technology development, and the demand of the market up to be sure, for the broad market has added new vitality. Since the birth of 60 s laser equipment and application, there are a number of experts in China's efforts in the laser industry, and has achieved the international a tiny difference. In the laser industry at the same time, the development of laser complete sets of industrial production equipment has entered the market, get rid of the long-term rely on foreign situation, solve the embarrassing situation of domestic laser industry. The rapid development of domestic economy, laser cutting machine be laser high pillar industry of the market, and can reach more than 20% a year growth rate. Become the laser markets around the world a new starting point, according to experts predict that the domestic laser market is still in the high speed growth stage, in the future can be on the increase of the double, to expand the laser cutting equipment market, the domestic high-end laser equipment to get rid of trapped state, became the pillar of international. At present domestic laser industry gathered mainly in shenzhen, wuhan, shenzhen is the domestic important sales market, and with years of development experience, leading to other areas. Laser introduction to the development of laser industry
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