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Laser manufacturing business

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-27
Laser launch of product features and benefits as well as in the peer competition? Every year we launch three to five new products, is one of the innovative products, other is the improved product. We launched this year is the laser welding monitor in real time. This is our combination of laser and infrared technology, adopting high speed medium wave uncooled infrared technology developed by the system, it can real-time monitor the quality defects in the process of laser welding, alarm, real-time feedback in a timely manner. In the field of the welding of high value, there is a demand for this technology is still good. In the last two years, the products of our laser direction adjustment, towards the system technology intensity higher and higher value on. For the laser welding of real-time detector, we have not found similar technical characteristics of the product. In the launch of new products, laser in laser technology research and development and to master achievement? Is the enterprise's commitment to the future development of science and technology r&d, it need to cost, time, personnel, information, innovation and other aspects. We have laser to work on the project of software and hardware forces. Up to now, the technology platform has been built, the software has been developed successfully and has realized the automatic tracking, automatic focusing, the function of real-time output. Our focus has moved to the market at present stage, and intends to adopt the technology of laser welding user agreement, jointly do product well.
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