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Laser marking food packaging bags

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-21
Food packaging is an important part of the goods, in addition to facilitate preservation, food storage protection, and other functions, can also through the packet of information, access to food sources, food ingredients, food shelf-life, storage condition, etc. But factors such as goods transportation, contact, ink markers are very easy to appear '' easy to erase, easy to fall off' problem; At the same time, there are criminals will erase expiring products production date, then spray on new production date to continue to sell in the market. It will produce great influence to people's health, but also seriously damage the market principles. So how to effectively implement of food packaging information tag? Laser marking machine is able to effectively solve the problem. Laser mark is the use of high energy density of laser local irradiation was carried out on the workpiece, the surface material vaporization or change the color of chemical reaction, leaving a permanent marker as a method of marking, with clear marking high precision, high speed, and the characteristics of environmental protection free from contamination, the tag information is portrayed on the packaging of the product, so it is difficult to tampering and counterfeiting; And still can build links to database system, let us track, inquires about the latest products in a timely manner. So packaging use laser marking machine to mark information, such as production date, such as food source of information; Clear, eye-catching, permanent don't fall off, erase the damage packing; And environmental protection, no consumables, and at the same time can effectively restrain outlaws, provides the role of the umbrella to the public food safety problems. Laser marking machine not only can the information such as date of production, the food source, can also flag logo, words, qr code, bar code and other information. Laser marking machine has a very wide range of applications, can also according to the different laser wavelength for glass, ceramic, tinplate, aluminum plate, cartons and other materials for laser marking is cooperate with production line on-line homework, greatly improved the production efficiency, to adapt to the demand of industrial production. The emergence of laser marking machine, make up for the deficiency of the traditional processing, power packaging industry transformation and development. Laser marking equipment recommended: preferential deals offer 4007001618 【 Optical fiber laser marking equipment 】 Mainly used for metal and non-metallic laser marking part USES, tags and beautiful, fast, no material; 【 CO2 laser marking equipment 】 Non-metallic products used for the laser marking purposes; 【 Uv laser marking equipment 】 Adopt import uv laser, it is mainly used for metal and non-metallic products fine marking purposes; 【 Metal laser marking equipment 】 Based on customer specific products, production line, the demand for design and production and customer demand, customized models. 【 Semiconductor laser marking machine 】 Stable performance, price moderate 【 Green laser marking machine 】 High prices, product customization is given priority to YAG laser marking machine 】 Metal, plastic and other products used for moderate price more metal laser marking equipment, laser marking laser marking machine
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