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Laser marking machine marking speed adjustment _ factors affecting laser engraving speed

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-21
Many customers choose the laser marking machine, a large part of the reason is that the speed of the laser marking machine is fast enough to meet the production requirements, while reducing more labor. Therefore, when the speed of the laser marking machine is not fast, how can we find out the reason and adjust it in time? Let's take a look with the laser today. In general, the key elements that affect the speed of the laser marking machine, can be divided into two aspects of internal factors and processing products elements: the key internal factors are laser frequency, laser spot mode and beam divergence angle, laser power, scientific and reasonable optical shaping, auxiliary gas and substance in production and processing. The key of internal elements should be paid special attention to when the pre-work model is optional, and should be purchased according to the advice of laser technology engineers. How to improve the marking efficiency of internal elements: first, four kinds of filling are suitable; 1. Two-way filling: the marking efficiency is good. 2. Back filling: it will only be used when marking thin graphics and fonts, and the efficiency is similar to bow filling. 3, one-way filling: marking efficiency is slow, rarely used in actual processing. 4. Bow filling: the marking efficiency is high, and sometimes there are problems of connecting lines and unevenness. When marking fine graphics and fonts, the above problems will not occur, so bow filling is the first choice. The above four filling methods are different, which can be changed according to the actual marking requirements. Choosing the corresponding filling method can also improve the marking efficiency. If you do not pursue the marking effect of details, it is recommended to choose bow filling to significantly improve the marking speed. If you want to have both two-way filling, it is a good choice. Second, clever setting delay; Different filling types are affected by different delays, so reducing the delay unrelated to the filling type can also improve the marking efficiency. 1. Bow filling and back filling: mainly affected by corner delay, it can reduce the delay of light opening, light closing and end; 2. Two-way filling and one-way filling: mainly affected by light opening delay and light closing delay, corner delay and end delay can be reduced; But at the same time, it should also be noted that coarse graphics and fonts are less affected by the delay, and the delay can be appropriately reduced. Fine graphics and fonts are greatly affected by delay, which can be appropriately increased. The key factors of processing products are the marking density, marking format, marking depth and laser spot size when marking. 1. The problem of marking density: under the condition of the same size, the same light spot and the same depth, the higher the marking density, the slower the corresponding marking speed, because the density directly increases the marking area; 2. Problems existing in the marking format: the marking speed of large format is slower than that of small format, because the deflection area of large format marking vibrating mirror increases; 3, the problem of marking depth: according to the demand, if you need to deepen the marking depth, and need to adjust the parameters of the laser marking machine, you can increase the power of the fiber laser marking machine and the current and other parameters, like these, it will affect the speed of marking; How to improve the marking efficiency of processed products: First, choose a better high-speed vibrating mirror; In general, the scanning speed of the mirror can reach 3000 mm/s, but the better high-speed mirror can scan tens of thousands of times per second ( You need to know how zero and how zero mean this). In addition, when using ordinary mirrors to Mark small graphics or fonts, they are prone to deformation, and the effect must be ensured by reducing the scanning speed. Second, the appropriate field mirror; The larger the focal length of the field Mirror, the larger the focused spot. Under the same overlap rate of the spot, the filling line spacing can be increased, thus improving the marking efficiency. Note: The larger the field mirror is, the smaller the power density is. Therefore, the spacing between filling and filling lines should be increased under the condition of sufficient marking energy. The above is about the impact of laser marking machine marking speed, how to adjust the laser marking speed of the whole content, more to improve the speed of laser marking machine knowledge, please pay attention to the laser.
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