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Laser marking machine protection do

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-22
The popularity of processing industry, processing industry brought quality of quality, making both in civilian products and military items in welding stronger more beautiful. So the laser welding machine for our country to create economic benefits and social benefits. But the laser is not only the radiation, and if you don't pay attention to is likely to be wounded, so here are the from the collective protection for everyone, fortifications master introduced from the aspects such as the matters needing attention when using laser welding welding machine. 1, the collective protection secondary laser welding technology refers to the wear of refractory and heat resistant laser protective clothing, wearing can choose to attenuation must take long laser protective mirror, wearing to uv laser source of laser protective knee, wearing can prevent direct or oblique form harm of laser protective gloves. 2, mastering the fortifications fortifications refers to the structure of laser processing pieces are taken by the insurance measures, secondary include: the cover - — To prevent mission personnel to go beyond the most * big promised to shine; Insurance chain, — Refers to the linked to prevent cover, are removed when the cover can prevent the irradiation of active installation; Insurance light path - — The radiation can make out or secondary irradiation light path to open; The key switch - — Referring to remove the key, beam stop - — In order to make the laser beam doesn't go beyond controlled industrial area, can use the beam stop or attenuator. In fact as long as we pay attention to the protection and insurance measures, with the right brace laser welding technology, laser welding machine is bring us benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. Laser marking
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