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Laser marking machine teaches you how to play personalized Christmas gifts?

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-14
Christmas is coming in one month. Are your gifts ready? Are you being puzzled by what gifts you should give? If you want a gift that is creative and affordable, you may as well try a laser customized gift. Only a customized gift can be fashionable! All you have, let your guests or relatives and friends remember you clearly! Next, let's follow the Laser Technology Co. , Ltd. to see which Christmas gifts laser marking can be applied. 1, laser exquisite hollow carved greeting card: the existing laser technology can be used in all kinds of paper products, such as paper packaging bags, calendars, desk calendars, invitations, greeting cards, sugar boxes, business cards, cake paper edges, gift boxes, wall calendars and so on. 2. Apple lettering: how can I get apples on Christmas Eve? Use laser marking machine to carve customized and exclusive pictures and texts on the apple skin to show your heart more. 3. Laser marking hollow-out Gift Box: carved paper products are used in packaging products, including candy, cake, wine label or its bottle label, handicraft packaging, etc. 4. Gift laser engraving: the laser marking machine can mark metal, paper, glass, plastic, jade and other metal and nonmetal materials. If the laser marking machine is used to mark the gift with a custom personalized logo, for example: words with special meanings, greetings and personalized graphic pictures, etc. It can not only play the role of icing on the cake, but also show your heart! 6. Acrylic laser marking Christmas LED lighting: If you want to type any pictures and texts, as long as the computer can draw them, you can clearly mark the pictures and texts you want on acrylic, after the acrylic processed by laser marking forms a light guide plate, it can present exquisite Christmas trees or other custom patterns. The gift is not the price, but the heart. Has the special and ingenious laser customized gift touched you? All employees of Laser Technology Co. , Ltd. wish everyone a Happy Christmas in advance!
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