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Laser marking method is introduced

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-25
The new application of the optical fiber laser marking machine, as people to the product liability law ( Pl) Product standards and ISO quality control, quality control has the ability of tracking the manufacturing process and process. As a means of accurate tracking quality information, its demand is expanding. In addition, with the maturity and development of laser marking technology, laser marking in recent years has opened up many new methods and new applications. A shallow groove marking. Fence the marking is formed in the surface shallow groove mark. Marking too deep can cause material damage to the surface, such as integrated circuit IC encapsulation shell of marking depth must be controlled in the range of a few microns. Usually use laser marking method instead of imprinter and seal machine. 2 deep groove marking. Deep groove marking is to point to form a deep imprint in the material surface, it is mainly used for metal material processing. Usually using laser surface melting, evaporation or repeatedly scanning the same parts forming a deep ditch. Today for this method could be used to replace conventional laser etching processing. 3, black, Oxidation) Marking. Black marking is the material surface oxidation of black marks. Commonly used in steel making marking of metal tools and machinery parts. Black marking is also suitable for attaches great importance to the visual identification of iron, stainless steel and marking of the material such as silicon. 4 melt marking. Melt marking is in a molten material on the surface, for example, in silicon wafer manufacturing process without dust, only the molten material surface without damage, thus marking must control the dust generated by the laser. Usually adopt frequency doubling Nd: YAG laser ( 532nm) On silicon wafers today for laser marking. Laser marking equipment recommended: preferential deals offer 4007001618 【 Optical fiber laser marking equipment 】 Mainly used for metal and non-metallic laser marking part USES, tags and beautiful, fast, no material; 【 CO2 laser marking equipment 】 Non-metallic products used for the laser marking purposes; 【 Uv laser marking equipment 】 Adopt import uv laser, it is mainly used for metal and non-metallic products fine marking purposes; 【 Metal laser marking equipment 】 Based on customer specific products, production line, the demand for design and production and customer demand, customized models. More metal laser marking equipment, laser marking laser marking machine
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