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Laser marking used in mobile phone manufacturing

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-30
Laser marking is extremely tiny flare up symbols, words, designs, etc. , can spot size in micron. The micromachining plus or anti-counterfeiting has a deeper meaning. Focusing on the very fine after the laser is like a sword, material point by point on the surface of the object can be removed. Advantage of the tag is in the process of contact processing, won't produce negative scratches and friction, also will not result in a squeeze or crushed, and so on and so forth. So as not to damage to items of processing. Due to the laser beam after zoom lens flare again become more small, the heating area is small, processing precision, so can do some conventional cannot complete can't implementation process. Can laser processing with the help of modern CAD/CAM software, implement any form of plate cutting, the laser processing, not only the processing speed, high efficiency, low cost, and to avoid the mould replacement, shorten the production preparation time period. Easy to implement continuous process, a laser beam displacement time short, improved the production efficiency. For a variety of workpiece installation alternately. A workpiece processing, can unload the completed parts, and install for machining, realize the parallel processing, reduce the installation time, increase the laser processing time. Laser cutting, with its high speed, high precision, high quality, energy conservation and environmental protection etc. , has become the development direction of modern metal machining technology. In the applications of laser processing, laser cutting accounted for 32% of the market. Laser cutting compared with other cutting methods, the difference is that it has the characteristics of high speed, high precision and high adaptability. At the same time also has a small slot, small heat affected zone, good cutting surface quality, no noise when cutting, cutting seam edge vertical degree good, smooth cutting edges, cutting process is easy to realize automatic control, etc. Laser cutting board, do not need mould, can replace some requires a complex large mould cutting machining method, can shorten the production cycle and reduce the cost. Mobile phone manufacture 70% of the links are applied to the laser technology and laser manufacturing equipment. Especially in recent years, high power, high-energy ultraviolet marking machine, deep uv and the development of ultrafast laser processing technology, to promote the development of the intelligent mobile phone manufacturing technology. This is related with the nature of laser technology and the nature of the mobile phone precision manufacturing. On the one hand, because the laser with high power density, good directivity and outstanding characteristics such as clean, efficient, environmental protection, the trend of the laser processing technology instead of traditional processing technology is increasingly accelerated, its micro processing advantages in laser welding machine, laser marking machine, laser cutting machine has obvious advantages. Mobile phone processing, on the other hand, is the crystallization of a precision manufacturing technology, need to slightly processing and manufacturing equipment. Laser drilling is one of the important mobile processing application technology. Laser focused spot can gather a wavelength scale, concentrated in a small area of high energy, particularly suitable for processing fine deep hole, the smallest aperture are only a few microns, hole depth and diameter ratio can be greater than 50 microns. In mobile applications can be used for laser drilling PCB drilling, casing the receiver and the antenna, such as punching, headphones stiletto is high efficiency, low cost, small deformation, wide applicable scope, etc. Mobile phone a slap big place focus on more than 200 parts, its processing and manufacturing technology is one of the most difficult manufacturing technology. In a half refers to slightly a little bit wide, one refers to a bit longer, one cm taller of space, the LPC, camera, LCD, LCD, circuit boards, antenna, etc. More than 200 parts processing, Mosaic, together, to the requirements of the precision is high. Laser technique is an important technology to push forward the rise of China mobile phone manufacturing industry rapidly. Laser marking machines, laser marking
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