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Laser mold welding technology

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-22
Laser welding principle: the operation principle of laser deposition welding system, based on laser high heat energy and focus point welding techniques. Useful to deal with all the tiny some welding and repairing work, makes up for the traditional argon arc welding skills in repairing welding the lack of precise appearance. To avoid the thermal strain and post-processing these two thresholds, and greatly save the mold production cycle. Primary strengths: designed for mold professional tailor, and the use of common structure design, suitable all kinds of large, medium and small mold repair. 1, imported from the British ceramic light-gathering cavity, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, good cavity ( 8 - 10 years) That xenon lamp life spans more than 8 million times. 2, choose one of the world's leading active shading system, eliminating the shaoguang eyes incentives in my homework. 3, laser head can rotate 360 degrees, 360 degrees all the light path parts scrollable, and electric lift up and down, front and rear, particularly appropriate repair of various kinds of large, medium and small mold. 4, selection of parameters adjustment intelligent remote control, a brief and quick operation. 5, work station choose cast iron production, electric hoist, three-dimensional movement. 6, spot intrusive active regulation. Laser welding mold welding mold
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