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Laser processing power storage product industry high-speed development

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-26
Integrated circuit is the bulk of the single imports, while the memory is large integrated circuit products. The PCB circuit board as the core components of the memory, its important role cannot be neglected. Since China telecom, China unicom FDD, TDD hybrid networking experiment, 4 g base stations of mass in the large-scale development of the construction and the intelligent terminal and has become a pull the PCB industry rapid development of the catalyst. PCB is one of the important components of the electronic industry, industrial output value of about a quarter of the total output value of electronic components, high proportion in the electronic components industry segment. The traditional machining way can't satisfy the quality requirements of the customer for PCB processing, can't realize the mass production. These become the bottleneck of PCB industry production capacity development and upgrade. And laser processing plays an important role in promoting. 1. Laser code at this stage, spurt the code machine industry enterprises commonly used ink and consumables, high cost, easy to erase and high pollution problem. And assignment of laser code identification device with its unique not daub anti-counterfeiting sex has been widely used in industry. As people's emphasis on environmental protection, the advantages of laser marking compared with traditional ink jet is more and more prominent, the laser marker can processing serial number and the qr code, etc. , to record relevant production information, ease of traceability and quality control in the whole process of the electronic products. In the PCB industry, laser tag application is presents the fast growth the tendency. The following for PCB laser marking and the advantages and disadvantages of traditional fu code 2. Traditional cutting machine is easy to produce delamination and laser cutting burr phenomenon, need to make the mold production of small batch production, takes longer, and high precision mould is expensive, flexible circuit board by laser laser cutting without mould, a molding, can save a lot cost for the enterprise; Laser cutting equipment, flexible circuit boards with high-performance laser cold light source, set high precision CCD image positioning technology, through visual laser control software, the perfect realization of FPC, PCB outline shape cutting, cutting, drilling and the superfinishing application of composite membrane to open the window. The advantages of laser cutting: 1. Using high-performance ultraviolet laser, work focus facula of small, uniform power distribution, small heat effect, cutting seam width, high cutting quality, Smooth edges and carbide) Processing of FPC, can guarantee the quality of the product. 2. With precision two-dimensional worktable and full closed loop nc system, ensure the fast cutting at the same time keep the micron precision, time saving, high efficiency. 3. Position sensor and CCD image positioning technology, automatic positioning and focusing, fast accurate positioning, save time, high efficiency. The laser processing is widely applied in mobile phone communication, IC chip, electrical appliances, lighting lamps and lanterns, jewelry, metal tools, sanitary ware, instruments and meters, automobile and motorcycle accessories, mobile communications parts, mold, and many other industries. Laser processing
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