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Laser surface identification tag to modify the new method

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-18
A can in a variety of base material ( Such as metal, polymer and ceramic) Surface characteristics on the controlled production of new laser technology. In the application, rapid scanning laser to melt material. Due to the surface temperature gradient makes the surface tension of the molten material do local mobile. It is important to note that the whole process does not add any material such as wire or powder, entirely spontaneous. Material how to move, and finally form the characteristics of the shape by the precise control of beam path and its scanning is determined by the speed of the material surface. This process can produce consistent or different features. Especially in particular, can get the surface characteristics of different specification for numerous applications ( Include orthopedic implants, used for connection of metal composite materials, heat exchanger) Provide performance advantages, and also help in the application of super thick coating. Key characteristics of the process lies in the beam trace back many times in the same point, in order to construct the surface characteristics of 'scratches' many times. These characteristics make its surface texture which is different from traditional processing technology. Electron beam and laser beam can use this method to produce surface features, this method has been awarded 'Surfi - Sculpt 'registered trademark. This article discussed the deformation of the laser technology, it is using optical power to melt and move materials, to produce the required surface characteristics. Here are two recent laser material processing progress to show the process. Have the advantage of its high brightness laser beam can be focused out high power density of small spots, at the same time using the long focal length of the beam focusing lens. Focusing lens and the need for more distant distance between focal spot, because by orthogonal installation can realize Surfi - beam scanning galvanometer Sculpt technology requirements of rapid manipulation of the laser beam. Recently, in the field produced a new generation of laser scanning system, can use the kilowatt laser beam power to operate. Here, the disc laser and fiber laser using two different types of laser beam scanning system, but is used by 200 - Between 1000 watts of laser power relatively modest. How to make use of this technology to develop linear features, also shows a focus on a continuous movement of laser beam on the surface of the material. Pay attention to the direction of motion of the beam. By the beam melting materials before solidification along the beam path back first, in the first point of contact with beam form tiny protrusions, in beam form tiny objects (after the 'scratches' In the general air environment) 。 The disc laser is used to produce the characteristics of laser power is 1 kw, beam scanning speed is 26 mm/SEC. The height of each feature of 2. 5 mm. For comparison, figure 5 shows the use of similar scanning pattern on the titanium plate made of features ( Use the argon shielding gas) 。 These features is to use the power of 750 watts of laser generated, extends from the base of the characteristics of the 16 laser marking machines, laser marking
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