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Laser technology booster home appliance manufacturing industry upgrading

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-22
Just after the beginning of winter, the weather is cool, the whole city home appliance industry are hot and passionate, to meet the electrical appliances in the winter the spring. On November 20, 2015, a laser industry association, sponsored by the innovation center 'LMN 2015 4 laser manufacture and the Chinese electrical appliances industry. 0 technology conference, held in home appliances research institute. This is famous Chinese and foreign home appliance to withstand market baptism in the historical turning point, the application of laser technology production into new realm of household appliances, establish industrial 4. 0 camp, to return to the orbit of rapid growth, it is a hot topic of home appliance is faced. Follow this one, the organizers gathered domestic industry experts, love would around laser and home appliance 'encouraging words, opine. Since the laser technology, industrial technology revolution seems to see the boundless prospects. Because the laser is the 20th century, following the atomic energy, computer, semiconductor, after another great invention of human beings. It has advantages of good monochromaticity, directivity of strong, high brightness, good coherence, etc. At present in industrial production, military, defense, widely used in medical and other industries. Cutting, welding, surface treatment, punching, marking, marking, trimming, etc. Various kinds of processing technology. In recent years, although China stood around the transformation and upgrading in a series of reform and innovation. Market a new vitality. But the home appliance industry is still in the 'digital terminal, intelligent frontier' key transition phase. As the Labour shortage, social costs, production costs, labor costs rise, profit margins decline, labor-intensive industries already can not adapt to the existing structure. Transformation and upgrading of appliance manufacturing industry is imminent, intelligent manufacturing, laser processing as optimization. And laser processing is a laser beam to the surface of the workpiece, with laser energy to excision, melt and change the surface properties. Due to laser machining is non-contact, small damage to artifacts, with high efficiency, no pollution, the advantages of high precision, small heat affected zone, therefore very suitable for electrical appliances product manufacturing requirements of lightweight, beautiful, it can be for a variety of metals, non-metallic processing, especially can processing and high hardness, high brittleness, and high melting point of materials. In the application in the washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner and so on cutting and welding alloy enclosure, deep carved, cleaning; Microwave oven, disinfection cabinet, inside and outside wall of the laser coating antirust; Large household appliances metal cladding structure after the wear and tear; Home appliance shell operating instructions, logo marking; Metal parts and plastic parts of drilling, cutting; Micro electrical internal circuit board micro drilling, welding; The laser gain material manufacturing ( 3 d printing) Applied to the production of valves and other core parts process showed an obvious advantage. Welding and dynamic balance is currently on the intelligent manufacturing technology breakthrough. Blades is the form a complete set of air conditioning enterprise's main product, but the product in the process of manufacturing, there are two main recruitment process, belong to the high frequency welding, ultrasonic welding process noise big, the original production line need to 400 people, the transformation in the process of the production line in intelligence, application of laser welding technology, save 4/5 of the workforce. Greatly improve the working efficiency, reduces the cost, save labor, enhanced the competitiveness of the enterprises. Looking forward to home appliance market, challenges and opportunities coexist. Despite the problems such as insufficient market momentum will continue to run home appliances industry. But from a broader perspective, the new normal regression endogenous growth of home appliance industry, firmly grasp the consumption upgrade opportunities, steadily forward main tone does not change. Consumption upgrade the tide of overwhelming, the application of laser processing technology in the home appliance industry, digital and intelligent technology revolution in deeper promotes the reform, the traditional industry the Internet economy has brought the historical opportunity. To hold the conference, aimed at increasing home appliances enterprises and other relevant industry knowledge of laser technology, automation and intelligent home appliances for laser manufacturing technology development direction, laser manufacturing application solutions, intelligent home appliances automation technology industry for the future development and other issues to discuss, automation and intelligent home appliance to laser manufacturing industry technology and information exchange platform, promote the transformation of enterprises, industrial upgrading. Laser processing laser technology
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