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Laser technology industry development situation

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-20
Laser technology in began 50 years ago, only since the invention of the laser in a few years. At present, the laser is everywhere, in the field of extensive research and development, from the laser physics and optical technology, the laser biomedical. In the past few decades research direction: 1. Laser radiation interaction with matter research, explore the new method of generation of coherent beam using laser radiation. This can better understand our environment and use the method of laser radiation in industrial processes. 2. Search using laser modification and processing of new materials; And these materials in electronics, photovoltaic, photonics, biomedical and application of the auto industry. 3. The active laser medium and clamping technology, to produce a picosecond and femtosecond laser pulses, developed the high average power, high pulse energy and high pulse repetition rate of a new generation of laser. Used in scientific research and development as well as industrial solid and fiber lasers. 4. The transparent medium parametric amplification phenomenon ( Including conical wave interaction) And the development of widely tunable laser light source. Optical harmonic generation in high power laser system. 5. Research on optical material on the influence factors of laser radiation damage, laser components of standardized diagnosis and characterization techniques. 6. Research of ultrashort laser pulses interact with matter, for submicron ( Nm) Level of material processing and programmable control technology development of an effective technology. These studies include the two-photon polymerization technology of femtosecond pulse in photoelectric and pharmaceutical function of the structure of the application. 7. The semiconductor structure and super fast energy transfer and relaxation process of organic matter. 8. Using femtosecond laser stimulation of microwave semiconductor structures ( Terahertz) The generation of radiation. 9. Using laser technology to develop a new method of medical diagnosis and treatment, including for tumor prevention and treatment of the disease, and treatment with femtosecond laser source and vision correction. Laser technology
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