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Laser technology innovation

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-22
As the laser industry event, 'jung technology innovation' 2014 laser industry was held recently in Shanghai, a total of 27 well-known domestic enterprises of more than 30 innovative products has won the title. Worth's delight, optical fiber laser equipment domestic enterprises development faster, in innovation, industry than other classes end. By laser and BCC - Beijing MFC2000- 4020 laser cutting machine, the judges and the broad masses of users. This activity aims to recognition of the industry with outstanding contribution of innovative products and leading technology, stimulate the enterprise innovation consciousness, encourage more enterprises, especially the local enterprise on the technical innovation, want to admit, encourage those engaged in innovation of enterprises. We just provide an evaluation platform for the award of a reality. From global laser industry talents, known domestic laser, the laser innovation ability rapidly up to the forefront of the world, not only with independent intellectual property rights of new technologies, new processes, new products, its products are batch equipment in our country's military, automotive, consumer electronics and other related areas, such as the most * large-format maglev laser cutting machine, domestic automobile body laser welding equipment, domestic robot repair system etc. High quality laser laser equipment manufacturers.
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