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Laser tin welding machine compared with electric iron soldering operation process

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-19
Soldering refers to a technology of melting lead-containing or non-lead-containing tin materials into the gaps of weldments to connect them. Soldering technology is widely used in electronics and automobile industries, such as PCB board, FPCB board, connecting terminals and other manufacturing processes. Laser soldering principle as the rapid development of laser soldering technology in recent years, compared with the traditional electric soldering iron process, the Laser soldering machine technology is more advanced, and the heating principle is also different from the former, it is not simply to replace the heating part of the soldering iron. Laser belongs to 'surface heat release' and the heating speed is extremely fast, while soldering iron slowly heats up by 'Heat Transfer. Electric Iron soldering operation process 1. Complete feeding and continue heating; 2. Remove the soldering iron and complete the solder joint; 3. Heat the soldering iron to the appropriate temperature; 4. Supply tin solder and continue heating; 5. Align the welding parts and heat them to the fusible temperature; Laser soldering operation process 1. Continue irradiation, solder joint shaping; 2. After shaping, turn off the laser; 3. Supply tin solder and continue irradiation; 4. After the feeding is completed, continue to irradiate to realize welding; 5. Laser irradiation on the welding part to reach the solder melting temperature; Advantages of Laser soldering application of laser soldering
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