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Laser tube laser welding

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-19
Characteristics of laser welding and its application in oil and gas pipelines vertical welding, compared with the conventional welding and composite laser welding process, according to the laser composite welding greatly shortens the welding cycle, and compares the conventional welding method and the cost of laser composite welding method, according to the laser composite welding cost is much lower than the conventional welding method. Composite laser welding technology is a kind of the technology in type welding field. From the perspective of the history of welding technology development technology, this technology has been proved in solving many problems when a za advantages, such as reducing deformation, achieve the required mechanical properties, filling interval and improve productivity. Composite process is based on the concept of the combination of the two existing welding process, with laser welding and gas shielded metal arc welding. Must mention that the laser composite welding process can also be a laser and gas tungsten arc welding or the combination of the combination of laser and plasma arc welding, laser itself can be a CO2 laser can also be neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet crystals disk laser, fiber laser, etc. Welding head has both optical devices, and welding torch, these two kinds of process to cooperate with each other, and in the same pool of fusion, that is to say, we now have a new process composed of two secondary processes, the characteristics of the two kinds of process, separate, each kind of technology has shortcomings of each coupon is close 2 for one, to reach the effect of complement each other. Which has created a new superior composite laser welding process, the word can really fill gaps, the joint groove for spare requirements, in order to achieve high productivity. Laser welding pipe
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