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Laser weld defect and the reason

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-18
Laser weld defects and reasons countermeasures: 1, the welding spatter, laser welding, after the completion of the material or surface appear more metal particles, attached to the material or surface. Reason: the material or surface cleaning, there is oily be soiled or pollutants, also may be caused by the volatilization of the galvanized layer. Countermeasures: laser cleaning before welding material or artifacts. 2, weld accumulation: filling welding weld filler material obviously too much, when the weld is too high. Reason: welding wire feeding speed too fast or too slow. Countermeasures: increases welding speed or decreasing wire feed speed, or reduce the laser power. 3, partial: welding solidification structure of weld metal is not joint center. Reason: when welding the positioning, or wire filling welding time and alignment. Countermeasures: adjust the welding position, or adjust the position of the wire filling welding time and as well as light, silk and the location of the weld. 4, weld sag: weld metal surface, the phenomenon of the recess. Reason: when soldering, improper welding spot center location, facula center near the center of the lower plate and weld position, causing part of the parent metal melting. Countermeasures: to adjust light, silk matching. 5, weld interrupt or uneven thickness, weld brazing, not formed weld wire and interrupt or uneven thickness. Reason: the wire is not stable, or the light of discontinuity, etc. The stability of countermeasures: adjust the equipment. 6, stomatal: weld surface blowhole. Reason: the weld surface is not clean, or galvanized sheet zinc vapor caused by volatilization. Countermeasures: clean the weld surface, improve the volatilization of zinc when heated. 7, flash: when large changes have taken place in the weld track, easy to appear in the corner flash or unequal phenomenon. Reason: weld track change is big, teaching caused by uneven. Countermeasures: under the optimal parameters of the welding, and adjust teaching to coherent excessive corner. Metal laser welding equipment recommendation: preferential deals offer 4007001618 【 Metal laser welding equipment 】 Suitable for all kinds of complex welding, the welding of different equipment and 1 mm thick seam welding; Multi-channel fiber optic mode, welding transfer at the same time; 【 Mould laser welding equipment 】 Applicable mould industrialized, used for precision mold repair, such as digital products, mobile phones, toys, automobile, motorcycle, mold and other mold manufacturing and molding industry. 【 Gold and silver jewelry laser welding 】 Mainly used in jewelry, such as electronics, communications, handicrafts and other industries; 【 Large laser welding 】 Application in automobile body covering parts of compound, such as car door, side wai, window, floor, warehouse, the warehouse before, trunk lid. More metal welding equipment laser weld laser welding
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